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Thread: Extra Dice...?

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    You can't purchase anything for free. Beyond that, what kind of dice are you looking for?

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    Lol I didn't mean to say free WOW I am tired! Sorry just looking to buy extra dice for my deck like Loki, Nova, Punisher I will be getting Age of Ultron soon so I am sure I will need that soon also!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shazam View Post
    You can't purchase anything for free.
    No, but you can reduce fielding costs to 0.

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    Sorry pk2317 I meant getting more dice for my deck! I wasn't thinking when I posted this!

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    Usually when you buy a card online you get the die associated with that card. Not sure if any place is selling JUST the dice, as then their cards would be less valuable. So, short answer, buy the common card of the characters you want from places like Cool Stuff Inc.

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    The other option would be getting involved with other players locally, like at OP events, and seeing if someone has spares. A lot of people buy (multiple) gravity feeds and then have tons of dice left over.

    And I was just making a DiceMasters-related joke in response to what @Shazam said. I knew what you meant

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    Or check eBay - I know of an Australian seller (which doesn't help you probably) that sells dice for 10 for $10Aud

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeckSpeck81 View Post
    Thanks Shadowmeld I will look into and see what I can get!

    Bigorbitcards in the uk sell single dice. Alternatively look for places selling commons with the dice as these tend to be pretty cheap and a good way to pick up what you want. Some,times it can be worth picking a complete set of commons if you can find them from stores/ebay as these are a really good way to boost your dice across the set

    Or you could speak to your local players. On Thursday at my local wizkids casual night I felt a bit like dice masters Santa as I distributed the 200 odd spare age of ultron dice I had (and about 100 cards) across the group in return for very little (I simply asked people to consider accepting my stuff in trade on behalf of another player who was fairly new and collecting dc which I have no interest in to help him get started but they were under no obligation to give anything). I had just managed to complete age of ultron and as I only collect marvel and am only missing 2 rares and 3 super rares for avx and the spider man op prize I figured there was literally no point in keeping the dice. Sure I could have held on and sold them bit by bit online via ebay or in trade with stores. But once you factor in postage and packaging what I'd clear on dice would be pretty minimal compared to how much I've helped out new players in my group or those on a limited budget.

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    I would love to get into that my Uncle was just at the Gen Con and it looked like fun but I feel as if I am in an old state so no one would hold one unless I drove and hour or 6 hours away! How would I go about researching for tournaments?

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