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Thread: Dm doubles ! (Does anyone do it)

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    Dm doubles ! (Does anyone do it)

    Sounds like an interesting way to play , we should get more info on it !
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    We've tried it a couple of times. If you have 4 people only, give it a go. Very time consuming. Swapping dice in the shared used pile was probably the most fun.

    If all the players are of the same caliber, it should go smoothly. It can get bogged down in artificial timing issues, both players on a team buying and fielding alternately (instead of simultaneously), waiting to do the attack step together.

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    It would interesting to watch a doubles match , I thought about ordering a doubles playmat, not sure if I would ever get to use it ! Let me know how it goes

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    We thought about streaming one when we did our AoU unboxing. I think we plan to stream one at some point.

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