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    With age of ultron I traded with my group first, then I traded in 100 cards (avx, uncanny and aou) with a store online to fund the 3 remaining super rares I needed, then last Thursday at our local casual night just gave out 200 plus dice and over 100 cards to players at my store. I deliberately focused in trying to give those with least the most I.e. Players I know are on a more limited budget as I know dice masters can eat money and i wanted to make sure if they grabbed just a starter set they could field a full team (so generally gave each of them 1 dice for most or all off the starter set characters with the matching booster common card, then common and uncommonns with 2 dice for about another 10 character).

    Your plan sounds solid. One if the best things with this game is having someone to play with whenever. And if by chucking a friend a handful of dice or two you help get them in to it great, that's an absolutely solid investment and you both win. Same I feel with my approach, as I'm really trying to help grow my local dice masters community.

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    yeah there are a lot of cards in this game that at every level (common, uncommon, rare, and possibly even SR) there is just just not enough to make the cards good so at this time i have a bunch of extra things sitting around...ill trade what i can but there arent many different people i play with so everyone has what they want at this point...i dont mind hanging on to them, though, with the hopes that maybe something down the road get printed that could possibly break some cards that get forgotten about, especially since the game is still getting started.

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    Another good idea: keep them at a local store so others can play. Save 'em for home tourneys and such.

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    Get a big bunch of them together, add a couple action cards/dice and play a multiplayer mayhem game. Everyone can buy anything! (It's actually a lot of fun.)

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