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Thread: My take on Side Kicks

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    My take on Side Kicks

    So here's my take on sidekicks. I've been playing it and it's been pretty quick. Best was a turn three where I managed to attack with 6 pumped up sidekicks, Green Goblin, and Coulson for the win.

    So it's Green Goblin - Goblin Lord, Captain America - Natural Leader, Falcon - Recon, Angel, Human Torch - Flame On, Phil Coulson - Inspiring Leader, Professor X - Recruiting Young Mutants, and Wasp Rare. So it's been doing pretty well and has been fairly quick. I've loved hitting with 3 or more side kicks turn 3 backed up by Green Goblin and Coulson. Then I go for Wasp and Falcon. Wall up and then hit with the side kicks when Falcon comes out. Wasp helps to make them think twice about using PXG. They can do it but after that turn 3 hit they are usually shorter on life. Then I can use Wasp and Torchs globals to ping for 2 when that's the way to finish them off. So far it's been performing pretty well.

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