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Thread: Rocket Raccoon: Smartest Mammal - How does this work?

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    Rocket Raccoon: Smartest Mammal - How does this work?

    Rocket Raccoon: Smartest Mammal In The D'ast Galaxy:When Rocket Raccoon is attacking or blocking with at least one other character, he can't be KO'd this turn.

    So how does this work?`Is "one other character" , ment to be a different Character die than himself or does it have just to be another Die Blocking or Attacking with him?

    So would it be possible to have 2 Rocke Raccoons on the field and make them in the Attack Step invinceble?

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    Cards that count characters for bonuses only count unique characters.


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    Ok that i understand and it is good to know for much ther cards(like in DC).

    But do i guess right when i have 2 Rocket Raccoons on the field + some other Character Die and all 3 Block or Attack, are my 2 Rocket Raccons safe and go back to the field if they would be KOd?

    So the question is more, does the Card Text refers to every single Rocket Raccoon Die?

    And yes i know there was a ruling for Wolverine and other Characters that are similar, that they look unique at themselves to deal their Effects.
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    Yes, if you have 2 Rocket Racoons and 1 other character, all attacking or blocking, then both Rocket Racoons cannot be KO'd.

    That is my reading of it.

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    I wanted to be sure becaus i like the Batman&Robin Combo, but the Undead Robin needs a Batman 5 Cost active and a 4 Cost Robin for it and Rocket Raccoon can do it alone just with another character. So he is now my choice for a cheap good attacker or blocker.

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    Yeah, and the great thing is that other character can even be a Sidekick!

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