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Thread: corrective eye surgery

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    corrective eye surgery

    It doesn't get much more off topic than this... but has anyone ever gotten corrective eye surgery? I just won a drawing, believe it or not, for $500 off of each eye and a free consultation. Going to look in to it and get that consultation and see how much it will end up being with the discount. It was something I wanted to get done eventually, but with winning this drawing, it might get moved up the priority list.

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    What a coincidence. It's something I haven't thought of doing for years, but just yesterday started thinking about it again and started reading up on it again. I've VERY nearsighted (I haven't been able to read the big E at the top of the chart since I was about 10 years old), and one thing that's always held me back is that apparently being so nearsighted confers some "protection" against presbyopia. If it is corrected via LASIK/LASEK/etc, I would need reading glasses earlier soon anyway...

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    Update: I'm getting the lasik surgery May 8th. Super excited.

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    I'd love to hear how it goes. How bad is your uncorrected vision prior to the surgery?

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    Bad. I don't know the numbers off the top of my head, but the big letter "E" at the top of the vision chart is just a big gray blur without glasses/contacts.

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    This post just reminded me of my contact lens appointment on Monday. Haven't worn them all month. I should probably start again...

    Thanks fellow Randy!

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    I had the surgery back in 2005. Best thing I've ever done. Its crazy how instant it is, they cut a piece of eye, and flip it back, do the laser surgery and as soon as they flip that skin back you can see perfect. It was surreal. Its the things you don't think of that make the biggest difference, like being able to see the alarm clock at night from across the room, or being able to read bottles in the shower, stupid stuff.

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    Man, I'm so stoked. Just over 2 weeks away, then no more contacts!

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    I'll stick to glasses, but good on you, for going the distance!

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    I remember when I first got glasses. I couldn't read the prompter when I was in school, so I decided to get an eye appointment to see if glasses would help.

    I find out I've been seeing at maybe 65-70% capacity for years and years. I buy glasses, and I'm walking down the street saying things like: "Woah! We have a phone book store on this street?!"

    I love my glasses. <3.

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    Don't be Dave. When I went they loaded me with so many drugs I couldn't have been scared at the time of surgery even if I wanted to.

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    I've always wanted to get it but I've been scared to. My eyes are really bad without my contacts. I'm curious, how much is it?

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    ... Feeling so out of place in this thread. Damn perfect vision. :P My wife had been looking at corrective surgery, but they keep telling her she has to wait until her eyes stop getting worse every visit. GL with the surgery Randy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DigitalFirefly View Post
    I've always wanted to get it but I've been scared to. My eyes are really bad without my contacts. I'm curious, how much is it?
    I have pretty bad vision. Obviously, the worse your vision is, the more work needs done, so the more expensive it is. The total for me comes to about $4300. I won a drawing for $1000 off. So it's $3300.

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    Yay! May your recovery be without incident (which AFAIK is by far the norm). Let us know how it goes!

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    Woohoo! I can see!

    They said there might be some pain during the evening after the surgery. Dang, they were right. But everything went smooth. I wasn't nervous or anything. And now I'm sitting in their lobby, waiting for my post-op check up. It was really cool to wake up this morning, and be able to see right away. No searching for glasses. No waiting for dried contacts to rewet themselves. Pretty dang cool.

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    That sounds awesome. Congratulations! Glad to hear it went well.

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    Glad to hear it went well. I need to do this some day.

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