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Hey guys, new guy here!

This is my team that I used when I went to my locals on Thursday, and went 1-2, or 1-3, I forget. How does it look? I have horrible luck when it comes to anything that isn't Weiss Schwarz, so I don't have access to any supers, or very many rares. Most of my team was thrown together after my Rainbow Draft AoU outcome.

The main objective of my team is to get all of my Red Skulls and Beasts out as fast a possible, while using Millennium Puzzle to take out problem cards. Loki and the Ultron Drone are on the team for different situations. Loki actually saved me several of times because of War Machine being unblockable while Iron-man is active.

I called it my KO team, because of most of my team's abilities activating on KO (Giant Man, Red Skull, Beast), giving me a strong beater, healing myself for quite a bit, or doing some burn damage, while still maintaining my position and hp.

I was recommended to use Silver Surfers global, and Invulnerability somewhere in my team to help out, but I don't know where I could fit it on this team. I could remove Hulk-Out, because I don't have very many strong members on my team.