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Thread: First teams - any suggestions

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    First teams - any suggestions

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a brand new player. Basically I just started playing outside of myself, my cat (pictured in my avatar), and someone I am trying to get interested in the game this Friday and I plan to visit my local venue for the first time this week. Today I put together my first couple of full teams. I am trying to keep them simple because I am definitely in the learning phase of this game and when too much is going on with my team I find it difficult to remember all the working pieces of it. I am hoping for critique or suggestions since I only have the vaguest clue about what makes a card good or bad or what cards are in the environment. I have a decent collection Marvel and DC cards but nowhere near a complete set. I probably don't have very many playsets of the dice. I have nothing from D&D or Yu-gi-oh. Here are some team ideas I was thinking of bringing. Any feedback is welcome. If there is no way I should be bringing any of these cards, don't be shy about telling me because I would like to know in advance and hear about what I should be bringing.

    Team one - spindown

    Hawkeye - Br'er Hawkeye - 2 dice
    Batarang - Tool of the Bat - 3 dice
    The Atom - Ray palmer - 2 dice
    Vibe - Formerly Hardline - 4 dice
    Professor X - Recruiting young mutants - 1 die
    Black Widow - Tsarina - 3 dice
    Marvel Girl - Telekenetic 3 dice
    Vemom - Eddie Brock -2

    Focus Power
    power bolt

    team two Villians Bane

    Stargirl - star spangled kid - 3 dice
    Green Arrow - Emerald Archer - 3 dice
    Katana - outsider - 3 dice
    Vixen - Healing Factor 3 dice
    Lantern power ring - energy constructs 3 dice
    Professor X - recruiting young mutants - 1 die
    Captain America - special ops - 3 dice
    ???Open to suggestions???? maybe dr strange Master of the mystic Arts

    Pandora's Box - Trinity War
    Takedown - BAC

    Team Three - keeping it simple

    Mister Sinister - nasty boy 3 dice
    Professor X - Recruiting young mutants 1 die
    Martian Manhunter - Green Martian 2
    Iceman - Mister Friese 4
    Cheetah - Cursed Archaelolgist 2
    Punisher - McRook 3 dice
    Magick - Illyana Rasputina 3 dice
    Stargirl - Courtney Whitmore 2 dice

    ??Open to suggestions??

    Thanks in advance.

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    I know we've chatted a bit in Vassal, but I'll post this in case it helps anyone else.

    The key to playing your first team is to:

    1.) HAVE FUN.
    2.) Be competitive to the point where you can lose, and be okay with it.

    Of those three teams, I'd play the Keeping it Simple team because it seems somewhat versatile, and I would have a lot of fun with Punisher/Cheetah. Which team do you like the most, @aurora_sing ?

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    The only up-front advice I can give at this time is to try and shy away from cards that are really conditional unless you have support to help reduce the limitations of their conditions. I would greatly urge you to listen to TRP Podcast #38: Quadrant Theory. This should help you in determining the value of cards. It's not a catch-all. Some cards are not that great, but become better in the presence of others. Being able to spot combo's, and how to leverage conditional cards with greater efficiency will come with time and experience.

    If you don't have the time to listen to the podcast, or a capable device, you can find a written source hereby MTG personality Marshall Sutcliffe. Different game, but the concepts are identical.

    As well, be prepared to lose as you learn the meta of your local venue. Absorb the information. Learn what is working and what is not for your opponents.

    As RJ said, have fun and don't take it too seriously. It is, after all, just a game.

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    I've taught the game to a couple different friends. Here's what I've learned.

    -Less is more. Don't bring out 8 characters and 2 basic actions for each of you for the first game. I've had success just giving each of us 2 characters and putting 2 basic actions on the table.
    -Give them the better team. The last two games I've taught new players I've given the Johnny Storm and a cheap two cost character. While I've given myself some lesser used charactets like Sabertooth. I can still win, but they have the advantage.
    -Don't shy away from globals. Just don't put anything too complicated on there. Anger Issues or Magic Missile are great starting basic actions with globals.
    -Show them the advantage of getting characters KO'd, and adding them to you'd prep.
    -I usually play this short game with 10 life or so. The important thing here is to get the turn order understood and how "out of play" works.

    Hope this was helpful.

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