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Thread: Starting out, have some questions

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    Starting out, have some questions

    So I was recently introduced to the game and while I understand the basics of how to play, I'm trying to get the more technical aspects of things down, like win conditions for instance, or making teams that are viable or play off each other.

    For instance, the first team I put together was all from AoU, basically a mix of Avengers and Guardians characters:
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    The card that really seemed to help me in this first game wasn't even on my team.
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    I ended up using his Global to help me with ramp and while I wasn't doing so well on attacking my opponent, I definitely had the arsenal to do it.

    Basically, I'm trying to figure out how you work out teams. I've been told Constantine is more of a control character, letting you get characters out for free or changing what the opponent gets in their rolls, so it lets you control the flow of the match, while there are other characters/teams that are more of either "continually pinging your opponent until they're gone" or "quick build-up to a one hit KO". Do you build off other teams you've played against, or find a character and build around it or a couple of them?

    Any suggestions or advice on what to look for when building a team or particular characters to track down for versatility/utility? After having large amounts of dice and cards lobbed my direction, I have almost all of the C/U of AvX, UX and AoU sets, with some rares and OP cards mixed in. While I don't have any Yu-Gi-Oh, I do have some of D&D. I'm looking at getting a starter soon, but it'll be a bit before the next event, so any help would be appreciated!
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    Dice Masters is a plethora of whatever you want to build. The sky's the limit in your deck.

    Professor X known as PXG, is the highest rate of ramping in this game. People only really bring that card because of his global.

    In my experience you would settle around 1 card to build a deck around. Around that 1 card, the next 7 cards are built around to help it. A solid deck comes with 4 ideas.

    Your Ramp
    Control (Spot removal)
    Win condition
    And Plan B in case your deck doesnt have the possibility of doing what its supposed to do.

    Build something that fits to your style. Your mentality. Personality. An example on my deck builds are around control. My deck always has some sort of control, some spot removal and my win condition. You essentially have 4 cards that you will buy and the extras are to help.

    Looking at the deck you created......I wasnt too sure where you were going with it. My guess you threw in Avengers and Guardians for a theme team with OverCrush. You have nothing really to ramp off with. Aou doesnt have a lot cards that ramp but there are a couple. Second, Captain Universe is terrible in all her variations. My opinion. None of her affects help you win especially that 7 cost for such a crappy effect. Her stats are bad for a 7 cost. Giant Man vanilla is 3 cost Mask with a 7/7 on his third level. Id kick out Captain Universe.

    Next Im looking at Hyperion. His affect is...decent. AoU has a good amount of villains but since this is constructed it doesnt help you win either. A 5 cost and you need to field another character to activate the effect. And it only does 2 damage. Eh, nothing to worry about about. Id boot him

    Next is Moondragon. Id kick her out too. Her stats are....decent for a blocker. Her rare is interesting where you can spin her up and if you roll energy put her to her original face. Id boot her.

    Next be nick fury. I like this its not bad or good. You can cycle him. Id honestly switch him out for Black Widow:Natasha. When she attacks, they either spin down or she goes unblocked. You can cycle her for a good amount of damage.

    Next is that Shield Carrier. Love that version. Grants giant damage and something turns into an Avenger. Add that with Nick Fury: Patch you have the potential to do some big damage. Such as Black Widow:Natasha. She goes unblocked with Hell Carrier doing 4 to 5 damage plus Nick Fury Patch. That's 9 to 10 damage.

    Next is StarHawk, I like this variation. Add that with Rocket Raccoon common where he gets +2A when attacking with another character with Hulk out is pretty good. I rather use the rare because you might be cycling certain characters, lets say Black Widow:Natasha and her being an Avenger and StarHawk has TeamWatch for both Guardians and Avengers. Keep that in mind.

    Next is Star Lord........I really dont like any of his variations. He does support characters but its nothing special. I honestly dont know what I would have replaced what with but I'll give it some thought.

    Now next is Wasp. There's a big problem with the one you're using. The new rule for her for her to be pumped up is to use Globals but they cant be the same one. You need to use separate one's to get her that +1 every time. Looking at your deck, you have no globals whatsoever minus the one she has. But you can only use that once to increase her A/D. Stick with the Rare version where she's better known as Baby Jinzo. Sapping the life from your opponent every time they use a global. A 3 cost bolt with a very nice effect.

    Next are your BAC's. I like the Hulk out BAC. Cheap die and gives overcrush and possibility of +1A.

    Next is assemble. I like the effect but a 5 cost die? Not even worth the amount of pay to use.

    Your deck does need improvements but that's whats great about Dice Masters. You can make anything you want. Play testing is the single most important thing when building a deck.

    Final tip
    Have fun. When you play, make use of your opponents globals and make sure of your buy order. Get from Plan A to B. Calculate and read your opponents deck and moves. Learn the timing to certain things. If you play correctly and you still lose because of something, do not let it deter you. Its all luck honestly. Adapt and conquer.

    Have fun

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    Constantine is a great character for control. Calling out the character before the draw, and if they do field them, it shuts down whatever fielding effect they have (wipes their text) and they cant attack for the turn. He's great for certain areas. Not super powerful but a very great card all around.

    As for getting your characters out for free.....not really. He controls the ground when they field characters and that's if you name them off.

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    I just made this and it fits your team. Take a look

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Pretty simple idea. You have your overcrush and a simple unclockable damage with Natasha, Patch and SHIELD Carrier to do some big damage. And because you're cycling Black Widow, it helps for StarHawk's affect plus Hulk out when attacking. Kobolds to beef up your cone of Cold Affect(they will block for sure if you pull off the SHIELD Carrier Patch combo). It even helps Hulk where he already has Overcrush.

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    Thanks for all the info! To be fair, i wasn't really building anything with the deck I posted. My friend who was teaching me had me pull Avengers out of the AoU stuff he was giving me and I swapped some of them out for Guardians characters. After looking at your summary of the various cards, I can see the issues with the deck. I still need to pick up a starter or two, considering I'm just working off extras from friends. But thank you for the revamp of it, looks like I'm going card hunting!

    Also, the Constantine I was referencing in my post was this one, not Hellblazer:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thought of another item my friend mentioned, and I wanted to ask about it. He said generally you're playing 8 characters and two BACs with 2 dice each. I know the various cards have max limits of around 4 to 5 dice a piece, so would there be various deck builds that you would use more dice for a particular character, or only one die (for instance when you just wanted to make use of the character's Global)?

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    Yes, absolutely.

    When I put together a team I usually start with a standard number of dice on each card - any non-BAC cards that I brought just for the globals will get 1 die each, then, going from lowest purchase cost to highest, I will generally have two cards with 4 dice each, two cards with 3 dice, and then, depending on how many of the remaining cards are there for the globals, two with 2 dice, and two with 1 die.

    As I then play test the team I will adjust dice counts as necessary.

    And, one point to note: Of your 20 dice allowance, the Basic Action dice don't count, and each Basic Action Card should have 3 dice on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KesselRunPDX View Post
    Oh ok, so for instance the dice for Hulk Out would not count towards your total of 20 dice?

    Quote Originally Posted by KesselRunPDX View Post
    The way it was described to me was the dice from your two BACs counted toward the total, and you generally dont need more than two dice per character. Good to know!
    As a general rule of thumb 'two per character' is about right. It is very rare that you use more than 1 of the dice you've brought for most characters. However, it is entirely dependent on the character, how it fits within your team, and how the game goes.

    For example, one character you see a lot on competitive teams is Black Widow Tsarina:

    At a 2 cost, if you bring her Max 4 dice, you can easily buy them very quickly, and her low 0/0/1 fielding cost means you can easily field, attack with, and cycle all 4 of those dice (which, given her ability is something you want to do as much as possible).

    And so, when you see her on a team you will usually see her with a full compliment of 4 dice.

    However, another character you see on many competitive teams is Hulk Green Goliath:

    At 6 cost you are likely only to get one or two opportunities in a game to buy his dice, unless you are using various techniques to keep large amounts of energy available each turn, and his 1/2/3 fielding costs, and ability, mean that once you get him to the field you want to keep him there, so, you generally see only 1 or 2 Hulk dice on a team.

    These are only two examples, and I've skimmed over the details, but I hope you can begin to see how the character and the way they are used determines how many dice for them you want to bring on your team.

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    No, of your 8 cards you can have a total of 20 dice. Your Basic actions will always have 3 each and they do not count towards your limit. Also, a lot of the time where I put my dice I have 3 dice for each card minus the giant 6 to 7 costs. I only put two on those. When playing dice masters, most of the time you will usually only buy 1 to 2 dice from a certain card. The low cost characters might be 3 to 4 but its an issue when you arent using Professor X and filling your bag with 'trash'. By trash I mean dice that you do not want to pull at the moment.

    And yes when using a character for only their global its generally one die.

    Also that Constantine is fun I guess but Hellblazer is just an all better card. Two cost with a powerful ability.

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    @KesselRunPDX - yay Portland, do you play locally? Feel free to PM me.

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    @pk2317 : Shot you a message
    @Scorpion0x17 : So generally with lower cost characters, having more dice on them to cycle through is better since it gets the ramp going (especially with PXG) and doesn't keep sticking you with no characters to field or too expensive ones that you don't have energy for. I gotcha.
    @VastSpartan : So definite rule of thumb, try to keep 5+ cost characters to a minimum on a team unless their abilities make up for it since if you don't have anything out to defend with, you'll be out of the game before you get your game going.

    Also, I wanted to ask, how would be a good way to get my hands on some of the rarer cards like Hellblazer, Tsarina, etc.? I know you can get them off various online sources, or I could just start buying packs but like Heroclix, when you're looking for a single figure it's better to either buy it online or offline, or trade for it. I really doubt I have anything to trade at the moment lol. Any thoughts?

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    Usually you want only one 6/7 cost on your team and only if its your win condition. Unless you have a highways to ramp there is a possibility of having 2 6 costs but 5 is the most appropriate. I have two 5 costs (Deadpool: Jack and Nova:Human Rocket) and one 6 cost (Jinzo:Trap Destroyer). My deadpool is only an option if something is really going to cause a problem and I need it removed. But generally I only buy my Nova, Jinzo and Constantine. So yes, keep them to a minimum if they are there to help you

    As for getting some very specific cards, the most affordable way to get them is buying them online. Mainly I get some of my cards from Ebay. To get started on a set besides the starter is to get a gravity feed. In a gravity you will likely get 1 Super Rare and a decent amount of rares out of 90 booster packs. As for the specific one's you look for in a feed and they do not pop up, just try to get them from trading or buy them. I only buy cards I want to try and play with. I'm not a collector so I have plenty saved up from not going nuts trying to finish a 'collection'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KesselRunPDX View Post
    @Scorpion0x17 : So generally with lower cost characters, having more dice on them to cycle through is better since it gets the ramp going (especially with PXG) and doesn't keep sticking you with no characters to field or too expensive ones that you don't have energy for. I gotcha.
    As a very general rule of thumb yes.

    It does very much depend on the character, though.

    A good example of an exception to that rule is Constantine Hellblazer.

    His ability is such that you often want to play him more like Green Goliath - in that you buy one of him, sit him in the field and try to make sure he stays there.

    So, I have a team in which I only bring 2 dice on my Hellblazer, for example.

    But, the other thing to think about is what energy types you need on your team.

    For example if your 5 and 6 cost win condition cards are shield-based, and you rely on shield based globals, then you may want to bring more Hellblazer dice to use just as a source of shield energy.

    Quote Originally Posted by KesselRunPDX View Post
    Also, I wanted to ask, how would be a good way to get my hands on some of the rarer cards like Hellblazer, Tsarina, etc.?
    As VastSpartan says the most cost effective way is to buy them from eBay or somewhere like CoolStuffInc.

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    I would buy them off Ebay. Their prices are a bit more fair. Coolstuffinc is just easier to buy your cards in bulk. Those super Rares and a couple of rares are expensive on Coolstuffinc.

    If not, the Reserve Pool has a trading section.

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