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Thread: Newbie, pls help!

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    Are you sharing the set with your friend or was it a starter set each?

    More boosters can help if you don't have many cards and dice for a set, as you're more likely able to make a solid team if you're already part way there. However of you already have a good number of dice for several characters it might not hurt to pick up another starter set and some boosters for another set. Age of ultron is pretty good, couple of very nice action cards in the starter set which can be a lot of fun to play with.

    If you're after specific characters or dice for uncanny it may be worth trying ebay or websites as there's often sellers selling singles at a fair price to boost your collection.

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    That being said -- many a Dice Masters addiction was earned by purchasing a gravity feed. Quite a few people on these forums would say cracking open packs is the sweetest part of the game.

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    First of all, thank you so much for your fast response!! And need to say, im spanish, so sorry for my english
    I play magic, so i already know the feel of open packs, and its amazing xD
    Ok, im sharing the starter with my friend, so, for example, the basics action, only appear in the start packs? Cause are 10 different actions in the starter, so we cannot split 5 & 5.
    So, you recommend another start pack of ultron and a few boosters? I heard that AvX is a very good too.

    And another question, what "mode" is what you play? In the basic rules come 2 interesting mode game, tournament and selected (sorry, im from spain and since the rules are in spanish, the translation maybe is not good). We already play with 4 heroes and 4 actions, 1 dice for hero (since we have not enough dices for our heroes, we limited to 1) What you recommend about that?


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    A "normal" game is up to 8 characters with 20 dice between them and 2 basic actions each per person.

    Age of ultron is in my opinion a great set. Very fun with lots to try. Definitely worth looking at. But you're not going to get multiple dice per character in just a handful of packets.

    One thing you may want to consider is a second starter set for uncanny. This would give you 4 dice for each of the starter characters.

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    A suggestion YellowMimic - Buy yourself a Collectors set to get another set of Basic Action Cards (BAC) is to buy yourself a collector box
    A full set comes in that, as well as special sidekick and BAC dices and a Alt Art card (Capitan America from the starter set in this case)
    And it gives you somewhere to keep your dice

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    Agreed with those posters. Some basic action cards are better than others. For example, I recommend the Dungeons and Dragons starter set as some of those cards are way too good. Polymorph, Resurrection, Magic Missile, Cone of Cold, Fireball...

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowmimic View Post
    Wow, what a fast people, thank you!
    Im looking at collector box and seems fine. Now, what you think its best,take a age of ultron starter or boosters?
    For example, im gonna buy a collector box of age of ultron, 10 boosters of uncanny and 10 boosters of age of ultron, its ok?
    Sounds like a rock solid plan to me! Hopefully you get some good luck with those AoU boosters! Let us know what you pull.

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    For the older sets you might also consider checking eBay for complete sets of "common and uncommon with dice" rather than boosters. You'll miss the rares and super rares, but it will fill out your collection for those sets for a lot less money, and you can then buy some individual rares you want with the money you save compared to buying lots of packs.

    You'll end up buying enough packs for new sets as it is.

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    Well Ebay first, Coolstuffinc(a little bit more higher with prices).
    I think Jocasta has maybe for some people a hype-price-tag right now and we will see how each card is worth its price when the next tournaments are played.

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    Jocasta is one of the best cards in the entire meta right now, and I would highly recommend keeping him. Congrats on the pulls!

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