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Thread: Capture Team what Captures at Midnight

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    Capture Team what Captures at Midnight

    So I saw Ultron: New World Order and thought, I need to build team around him, here's what I've got so far.
    Team Link
    Ultron is a win Condition, so rest of team focuses on capturing, removal, and ramp/churn.
    I run Kobolds and Red Tornado as a ramp of choice here.
    Constantine is self explained.
    Ultron Drones are self contained very much, they have their own global, capture to trigger Ultron and deal indirect damage themselves. Nightcrawler is a nice bit of removal when combined with drones global, and with Jelly around he is quite efective, as an additional capture piece. With most of the team having much bigger defense values than attack ant man with his global seemed to be a good choice.
    Transfer power is a good way to get drones faster in the field, and with all those pesky kobolds can be used very well both on offense ,and on defense. Hulk out is here to give some overcrush to Drones and to Kurt, so they can do their work, and still push some damage through.
    I lack an additional slot to run Minotaur: Paragon Beast though.
    So what would you change eventually in here ?

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    Try out my team. Its not so much a full capture team but it focuses around Ultron and Ultron Drones for the Win Conditions. Wasp and Constantine are there to control some of the match and get some easy damage by pinging them.

    Simple idea. Turn 1 buy a kobold, resurrect, and PXG twice. Turn 3, try to Blue Eye's to get a Wasp and Constantine, maybe a Kobold and PXG. Turn 5 Get some drone(s) and if possible more Kobolds. At anytime during the game, get Ultron out.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I finally remembered what this team title is referencing. Kudos!

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    Having tried this sort of team might I suggest an Overcrush action dice. It's an insult to injury thing when you Overcrush with your drone and force him to be blocked by big fielding costs.

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    Well I do run Hulk out to give some juicy Overcrush to my Nightcrawler, and my Drones.

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    The overcrush doesnt KO the characters. Unless he's running the Thanos Super Rare to get that deduction cost, overcrush is pointless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VastSpartan View Post
    The overcrush doesnt KO the characters. Unless he's running the Thanos Super Rare to get that deduction cost, overcrush is pointless.
    Read this

    Overcrush gets you more damage per capture allowing you to win the game faster far from pointless

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    Overcrush is really important, without it it would be pointless to run Ant-Man. If I were to rely on only 3 damage per round from Ultron and some burn from Drones this team would be just a gimmick and way to slow to kill. With Hulk out your damage output really gets higher, so It's very far from pointless.

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    Hulk out doesnt get damage output higher. You gain +1A on a burst and overcrush. It's usually made for characters that are hitting hard. Its made for Ultron at the most.

    Id also feel comfortable if you're using that Antman. I can just pay a fist to switch my A/D and block with ant man. Or better yet, Ill just transfer power your Ultron, Antman attack to my.....pawn.

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    Used this in a hybrid draft and had fun with it. Once ultron is out its a 7 turn countdown, counting both players turns. Capture with cube and rogue on my turn, then ultron drone on the opponents. Drone is also a great control and messes with a lot of teams.
    Fun concept, havent seen a good way to make it super competitive yet.

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    It looks like your missing the whole point of using Hulk out to get a higher damage output. I have both Ultron and Cube active, I attack with Nightcrawler on his 2/4 face, I force a block with Drone Global. Nightcrawler kills the target before damage is assigned, so cube can capture, and Ultron trigger, damage dealt is 3 since Kurt is still blocked, dealing no damage. But if I stick overcrush on him, he will deal 2, or 4 if ant man global is used, the same goes for Ultron Drones. This is how Hulk out increases damage dealt, by allowing to deal extra damage. @jasongardner
    I had rogue in first draft, but I was missing a sure way to have someone KO'ed in attack phase for Cube to work, so she was scrapped in favor of Nigtcrawler. This is far from being super competitive, I have my green goliath, Fairy Injection Lily for that.

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    A card I have in my (admittedly prototype) version of this deck is Goblin Attack Force(uncommon though rare works too) just for the global - pay one fist to make target character block this turn. Yes this is very similar to Ultron Drone it is also cheaper allowing for more shenanigans. The problem being it is taking up space and you are likely to never field it.

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    The cube I was using captures a sidekick when fielded, looks like I listed the wrong one, and rogue captures from used, so lots of basis covered. You just blue eyes the one your going to use on your next turn during the opponents turn. That cube makes smart players get rid of sidekicks. That may or may not help with your other strategies. Also, they dont want to attack, most of the time, or youre going to refield, so that helps slow down the game in your favor.

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