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Thread: Adventurer vs Blanked Card

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    Adventurer vs Blanked Card

    So as i understand it, an adventurer is a character with the experience trait. if that trait is blanked off by prismatic spray or the like is it no longer and adventurer? so kobolds are not forced to attack, they don't gain the +1/+1 counters, etc? and if they do have the experience counters do they actually do anything while blanked?

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    The way I've read it: If attribute 1 is defined by attribute 2, then attribute 1 cannot be true without the presence of attribute 2. Thus, they are temporarily no longer adventurers.

    This does not mean that the ability to earn experience tokens is inherent to being an adventurer. Minsc and Boo can earn tokens, but he has been officially considered to not be an adventurer because he does not have the Experience keyword. Thus, reinforcing my notion that a lack of the Experience keyword means you are officially not an adventurer.

    DM Rules Forum states that any experience tokens gained by the experience keyword/ability are never removed from the character card in question, unless a game effect specifically states to remove any/all of them.

    So they would still technically do what they were meant to, because you don't really need the Experience keyword ability (and adventurer status by proxy) to use the token. You only need it to earn the token.

    At least, that's how I'm calling it.

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    that's how i saw it also, but i wanted to bounce it off anyone who might be listening unless they'd heard differently.

    we've got a dnd constructed this weekend so i wanted to double check. thanks guys!

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    Do the +1/+1 tokens "remember" what they are without the Experience text naming/defining them for placement purposes?

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    This is a perhaps somewhat semantic distinction, but...

    The rules state that they are +1/+1 tokens, not the card text.

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