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Thread: The Destination in Louisville, KY - 8/3/15 - Official "Unofficial" AoU Draft Result

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    The Destination in Louisville, KY - 8/3/15 - Official "Unofficial" AoU Draft Result


    Yesterday we held an Official "Unofficial" AoU Draft at The Destination in Louisville, KY. There were only four players but, given our supply issues and the fact that it was the Monday afternoon right after GenCon, I was still happy about it. Here is the team that I drafted:

    Beast - Bouncing Blue Beast x 1 (if KO'd while attacking gain a life)
    Ultron Drone - 01000100 01101001 01100101 x 2 (capture blocking character with the YOU GOTTA BLOCK ME Global)
    Phil Coulson - Inspirational Leader x 2 (Sidekicks and SHIELD characters get +1 A)
    Rocket Raccoon - "Blam! Murdered you!" x 2 (+2A when attacking with another character)
    Gamora - Assassin x 2 (KO character she deals combat damage to)
    Star-Lord - Reluctant Prince x 2 (Attacking GotG characters get +1/+1)
    Groot - Protector x 1 (Each affiliated character takes 1 less damage)
    Ultron - New World Order x 1 (First time you capture a character an opponent takes 3 damage and the title belt gets spray painted)

    For Basic Actions, I used Ready to Rocket (+2 A with possible +2 more for an affiliated character) and Selective Shield (with the pay so blocked attacker deals no damage Global)

    (Sorry for the weird team layout, but the AoU card pictures aren't ready)

    Since there were four of us, we decided to play 3 rounds in a Round Robin sort of thing. We also decided to do away with time limits for the games, which turned out to be good. I will note (again) that games for this set take some time. Or, at least ours did. This was my first chance to actually play with any AoU characters and, for two of the players, a first crack at drafting Dice Masters.

    My first game was against Mark. He relied heavily on the prep a die when dealing combat damage Captain Marvel and the common Giant Man. Captain Marvel was starting to wreck some havoc on me and gave him a one-sided soft ramp. Luckily (for me), he started having some dice issues, and could only roll energy. Eventually I was able to force a block with my Ultron Drone's global to make Captain Marvel beat up a puny sidekick, allowing me to swing for enough damage to win. I shudder to think what would have happened if his rolls hadn't gone south. We had time to play a second "for fun" game while the other pair were finishing up, and his rolls were much better in that one. It was... getting to be one-sided when we called time to go on to round two.

    My second match was against Jared. His team used Black Widow - Oktober (of which he had 3 or 4) to prevent some key blocks. Even though he was the only player to bring any real ramp (his BACs were Resurrection and Nasty Plot), our game took the longest. At one point, we had a combined 30 - 35 characters fielded. I had somehow fielded 7 sidekicks and almost everyone I had drafted, while he had a substantial team occupying his playmat as well. Once, relatively early on, I had absorbed a LARGE amount of damage hoping to roll 2 fists on 5 dice (a sidekick and 2 fist characters included) to force a block to win the game, but couldn't manage it. Eventually, however, he swung with virtually everyone, which allowed me to either let people through or KO potential blockers. I had 1 life remaining, but his Pepper Potts could not withstand the tidal wave of +1 A Sidekicks, Rocket Racoons, and Star Lords I sent. I won, and went to 2-0.

    My last game was against Jacii. While this was her first draft, she is an experienced Magic: the Gathering player. Her experience in drafting showed, as she had built a FANTASTIC team with Avengers and Starhawk - Precognitive (+2A for her and fielded characters with shared affiliation). Her Nick Furys became unblockable quickly (due to the high number of Avengers she could field), and were being given that extra attack bump on the turns they were fielded. She purchased an Overcrushing Hulk, and I was in trouble. I was able, however, to use Gamora as a key blocker in this game to KO an angry giant (while stopping his damage with the global from Selective Shield). Using Ready to Rocket and Rocket himself, I finally won the match and the Draft.

    My take away is that AoU is a great set. It's slow, and it really does return us to the slug fest that the game was when it was only AvX. My drafting strategy didn't really work, and the first 3 cards I drafted never made it on my team. Ultron + Ultron Drones is fantastic, and the Guardians are a great team. If I could have drafted that rare Starhawk, things would have gotten very interesting.

    I think everyone had fun overall, and several people were able to draft some needed rares for their collections. Because this was a BYOB (Bring Your Own Boosters) event, we were pulling from several gravity feeds around the city. I had hoped this would mean that we all would (somehow) end up with a Super Rare, but there were none pulled. I was struck, speaking of drafting, by how well everyone's team turned out. There were no "bad" teams, which is really saying something for a new set with two people who had never drafted (in Dice Masters) before.

    If anyone has yet to draft this set... pack a lunch. It's going to be a long, but fun, day.
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    By the way, I made a small modification to my dice tower. I think it proved to be the ANTidote to my recent dice rolling woes, MAN. I'm a little bummed no Hank Pym dice made it through the tower, but what can you do?

    Click image for larger version. 

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