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Thread: Odin Gungnir + Thor interaction

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    Odin Gungnir + Thor interaction

    Hey guys and gals. Long time lurker, first time poster here. Have a question about Odin's uncommon version after listening to Shadowmeld describe his "Bifrost Beatdown" team on episode 6 (I think?) of The Prep Area.

    Text reads: "Odin can't be blocked by characters with lower D than him.

    * Neither can Thor."

    On his burst faces, to whom does the "him" in the card text refer with respect to Thor? In other words, when making the unblockable check for Thor, do we use Thor's D or continue to use Odin's?

    I can see either interpretation as valid and I actually play with the latter reading. (One reason being the Thor in Aou isn't a "him, " another being Odin's superior in-set D numbers compared to Thor.) Shadowmeld clearly is going with the former interpretation (i.e., Thor and Odin's checks are made independently), which is great, but I'm wondering if that's the general consensus or have others encountered differing interpretations?

    This came up in a recent game of mine, so I figured I'd ask the experts. Thanks in advance!

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    When reading text like that, I generally use the Replace function. Meaning, I read the sentence as "X can't be Y'd. *Neither can Z be Y'd."

    I agree with you that it is unclear, and if there was a rules argument it would need to be settled by the TO, but I think it's safe to say that most Dice Masters placers would let either interpretation rule, which technically leaves us with a "who ever has the higher defense" state of affairs. Alas, pronouns, why do you hinder us so?

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    Card naming itself = self-referential = referring to specific die. So a "better" way to read the card would be:

    This Odin die cannot be blocked by characters with a lower defense value than itself (referring back to the Odin die in question).

    So the Thor would also be referring to its own die.

    IMO of course.

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