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Thread: Better than Vixen ?

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    Better than Vixen ?

    I'm not sure this belongs in strategy. It is a team discussion, but not exactly about optimization. So I was inspired by a thread discussing the worst cards in the game. I was curious as to what a theoretical worst team build would look like. I think this might be it. It has literally 0 ways to win except for fielding sidekicks and it gives your opponent multiple ways to answer them with Mjolnir, Distraction, and Vibranium Shield to prevent the damage. I'd be impressed if someone can come up with something worse, but I'm also curious if it exists.

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    If you buy Vibranium shield as a defense card and put in on your sidekick, then you buy prismatic spray and use it to swap two of your sidekicks for their characters then play distraction, trap hole or even Mjolnir global to clear the SKs, you could get through against those sidekicks. If by chance your opponent brought a villain maker global you could even buy Mjolnir to clear his characters. Lastly, you can use Cerebro to churn your dice and get one or two action dice in your roll pretty reliably.

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    The Prismatic Spray thing doesn't work. Prismatic Spray only swaps non-NPC die. True on Cerebro though, the one that cares about an x-men character being fielded would be more useless.

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    The idea I'm getting here it to include as many dead cards as possible. To that end, we can switch the Vibranium Shield to its common since it cannot be used to benefit our sidekicks. all 4 D&D actions are already dead and the Cerebro common will be too. Trap hole kills our only characters, so it can be considered dead and Take Cover will only ever keep our sidekicks alive occasionally on our own turn or via its global.. The only cards here that could possibly benefit us offensively and move us towards victory are Distraction and Mjolnir to stall out our opponent's aggression and remove blockers.

    If we wanted to replace them, we could go with Stinking Cloud for the same reason we have Trap Hole, and the rare S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier since it can only ever keep our sidekicks from dying occasionally.

    That would truly be the worst team ever...

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    Okay, who's taking it to thier next tourney?

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