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Thread: Trying Out a New Bolt Team

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    Trying Out a New Bolt Team

    I mainly wanted to use Pyro in my deck for my bolt team. So I figured I would this variation. I did think of using Cheetah and Black Manta with Pyro but I just couldnt find a spot for them. There's also Iceman and Cyclops:Field Leader and Human Torch:Johnny Storm but Ill need to see about where to place them.

    So here's my variation.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I went with Distraction considering I dont want Pyro killed at times and Transfer Power because none of my characters are big hitters.

    Pepper Potts makes total sense for this team. Lot of my characters have low defense, a cheap bolt and I can cycle her for Pyro. Constantine and Wasp slow down the game, helps that Wasp is a bolt for Jason. Grundy himself is Spot removal and if I miss him I can use his shields.

    I can possibly switch out Blue Eyes for Iceman and Grundy for Punisher if I can do enough damage to scare my opponent into just knocking out their characters.

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    On a bolt team would you not be better served by the rare pyro whilst yes his ability is more random it has potential to do more damage and it's free plus you can distract pyro back to the field.

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    I'm already distracting back Pyro. And Firestorm is already my 5 cost.

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    I play tested my Bolt deck, it did rather well but it was veeeery slow. I didnt use Firestorm to his full potential either. I kept distracting back my Pyro every time I would be bolting him to death. So I might be changing Pyro to something else. Maybe to breath weapon instead.

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    Well Firestorm benefits more Human Torch (2Cost) or some characters like Hawkeye or Green Arrow, also Pepper Pots is sabotaging Firestorm to give more Defense. I know i know you can KO yours with Bolts. But sometimes you want your masks and shields for globals and there is no Iceman Too Cool for words Global to get out your characters on enemys turn to field them next turn for Firestorm.
    So would take Human Torch:Johnny Storm instead. But i like the Pyro, he synergises with the BEWD Global.

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    Yeah, I think Ill go with Human torch instead.

    Lets see how this looks.

    :Click image for larger version. 

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    It might be slower in causing damage but it might be faster if I can field some simple pawns, throw out some bolts with pyro and blow him up on turn.

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    How much defense do you want and how quickly do you want to damage you opponent and his characters is always a balancing act with bolt direct damage teams. Plus a fast offense can also be a good defense.

    Use the uncommon Pepper as she can spin down two characters making them more vulnerable to torches ping. She can also inflict more damage if Iron Man is in play. So use him in your team as well. The one to use is Philanthropist. Gain life whenever he takes dmg, which you can do every turn with Torch.

    What to take out? I would say Constantine. Your early buys should be bolt characters. Plus you have good defense with Distraction, Torches ping dmg, and Solomon Grundy.. So Constantine not essential.

    I got a similar team and buying Wasp and Torch is key then all four peppers...

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    The reason I won my match against the team before without getting hit extra was because of constantine. The Solomon grundy and constantine combo is very powerful because of the effects. Saves me a possible turn to turn things around or just keep things in control. My first few buys really depends on my rolls. It's better to have alternatives instead of just full on bolt characters. Besides, I'm not the full on offensive type. I stick to both offense and defense.

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    I'm rethinking both blue eyes and grundy. Since I'm using distraction I can put in This guy for grundy and instead of Blue Eyes switch him out for that way I can really put in some damage. Pepper pots really helps from killing my guys.

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    Mr sinister with global pay two bolts choose one of your characters and do 3 damage to them opponent must do the same

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    I think the other guys point was it could be used to kill your own scrubs (pepper Potts/sidekicks) whilst weakening the opponents characters allowing them to be recycled for more Johnny Storm burn. Personally I prefer BEWD for that as it doesn't interact with your opponent and potentially back fire into an opposing hulk.

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    I played with my main team yesterday. I technically won the game but he kept backtracking on stuff even though I was playing fair and he kept screwing up (mind you, he hasn't won a match against me so he might have been salty) but in the end he "won"

    But I noticed a major flaw in my game. I had little protection besides constantine and distraction. So I subbed out Jinzo for Wasp and my morphing Jars for Hulk.
    I might switch out my prismatic spray for Human Paladin.

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