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Thread: Article: Why I Lost 6 Straight Games At GenCon

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    As someone who has played many (MANY) other games, both casual and competitive, When I approach something that I need the "Win, Advance, Claim my loot" attitude, I make a conscious effort to go into that mode, at the least 4 weeks out.

    I do let the other players know I`m in this mode, and I want their best teams - and if they dont want to play that way, I understand and ask someone else to play

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    Everytime I go to my local I go with the intent in winning. Sure, Ill have fun but I want to go there and stomp through my opponents. It's the same with draft. I build something I know will work (currently the heavy hitters are my drone decks) and forget about cards I dont have. But when its just games in the casual sense Ill test out my teams for fun. Ill have the idea to win but I will play serious not only to benefit me but also my opponent. I help out my team mates in anyway but I wont.......'backdown' when it comes to a game. Its better to play serious instead of fooling around and taking it easy. Doesn't improve your skill and thinking prowess. I rarely ever make a misplay now.

    Stick to a team to not only what you find fun with but that is effective. Learn to pilot it and play serious. Nothing wrong with taking a small break. Consistency is the key.

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    Then there’s the local scene. We meet weekly, but it’s not just “show up and play”. It has become a place to test out new and exciting team builds. It’s gotten to the point where I’m not trying to win myself. It’s turned in to analyzing how a specific team does. I will rack my brain over this team and that combo and this option for ramp… and to come up with a brand new team every week to test out is exhausting, to be honest.
    This is like i play the last weeks. I am way more in contructing and philosophy and theory of teams, that i loose the focus.
    And every new team i try is the question, what to buy first and how let it work for you to win, but i never solved this problem because i spent less time for such teams.

    My Main Team is used 2 months ago the last time effective and it was a blast to see my enemys crumble and crack their heads. Man yes we should "FOCUS"!

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    I always try and win, but I always try to be nice about it and offer advice if I can. Once we start preparing for the big tournaments, that's when I'll go into "crazy-mode".

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    Every game I have ever played I play to win. I try my hardest to win and I expect my opponents to as well. I will do anything to win except to cheat. However, there is a fine line between trying and wanting to win and being a "sore-winner" I will try my best, but it is still a "gentleman's game" I will help my opponents when I can. But still, I am playing to win and try and convey that right off the bat. Testing new teams is done before I face anyone with it, so that I have a good chance to win.

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    It's been hard trying to stick to a certain team with all the sets coming out. I just learn all the new cards and another is coming out. With only 2 more the rest of the year maybe we call all get caught up.

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    Great article. We all can fall into these traps I think. Thanks for the reminder of play mentality. Roll on!

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