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Thread: Loki - Agent of Asgard Ability

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    Loki - Agent of Asgard Ability

    I'm sorry if this is already a thread, but I searched the Rules Discussion forum and found 0 results.

    When Loki attacks, you may pay [2 Bolts] to deal 2 damage to each opposing character die.
    If I have one Loki fielded, can I pay to use his ability more than once? The card's wording makes me think I can only use it once per character per attack, but in the rulebook it says being able to use something as many times as I can afford to pay the cost.

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    With any ability that is in the form "When X pay Y to do Z" you may only pay Y and do Z once per instance X.

    So, yes, in this case, you may only pay once, per Loki die that is assigned to attack, to deal 2 damage, for each instance thereof.

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