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Thread: Bulk Common/Uncommon/Dice Trade

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    Bulk Common/Uncommon/Dice Trade

    Looking to get some common and uncommon cards. Only want to do bulk trades (10+ cards/dice) as paying for shipping one card at a time isn't very efficient for these lower level rarities.

    Age of Ultron
    Needed For Trade

    • Kang

    • Black Widow x2
    • Bucky
    • Captain America x2
    • Groot
    • Hawkeye
    • Hulk
    • Loki x3
    • Phil Coulson x2 - 1 pending
    • Red Skull x2
    • The Wasp x4

    • Baron Zemo x5
    • Beast x2
    • Enchantress
    • Giant Man x3
    • Hyperion
    • Iron Man x4
    • Loki’s Scepter x2
    • Pepper Potts
    • Spider-Woman x2
    • Starhawk
    • Ultron Drone x2
    • Wonder Man x3

    • Baron Zemo
    • Bucky
    • Hyperion x2
    • Jocata
    • Rocket Raccoon
    • SHEILD Helicarrier x3
    • Starhawk
    • Wasp
    • Beast
    • Captain Marvel x2
    • Daredevil
    • Giant Man x3
    • Hyperion
    • Jocasta
    • Loki's Scepter
    • Nick Fury
    • Pepper Potts
    • Spider-Woman x3
    • Starhawk x2
    • Wonder Man x3
    DC: Justice League
    Needed For Trade
    • Katana
    • The Joker
    • Robin
    • Black Manta x2
    • Blue Beatle x3 - 2 pending
    • Cat Woman x2 - 1 pending
    • The Joker x3 - 2 pending
    • Lex Luther x4
    • Robin x4 - 2 pending
    • Superman x2 - 1 pending
    • Aquaman x2
    • The Atom
    • Batarang
    • Batman
    • Booster Gold
    • Brainiac x3
    • Constantine
    • Cyborg x3
    • Darkseid
    • Deadman x3
    • Deathstroke x4
    • Firestorm x2
    • The Flash x2
    • Green Lantern x2
    • Katana
    • Lantern Power Ring
    • Red Tornado x3
    • Sinestro
    • Shazam! x3
    • Solomon Grundy
    • Stargirl
    • Vixen
    • Wonder Woman x2
    • Zatana
    • Aquaman
    • Captain Cold
    • Cheetah
    • Green Lantern
    • Lantern Power Ring
    • Stargirl
    • Swamp Thing
    • Vixen
    • Aquaman x3
    • Black Canary x2
    • Brainiac x3
    • Deadman
    • Deathstroke x4
    • Firestone x3
    • Green Lantern x2
    • Lantern Power Ring x2
    • Red Tornado
    • Shazam! x2
    • Solomon Grundy
    • Vixen x4
    • Wonder Woman x2
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    I'm pretty sure I have extras of most, if not all of those cards, and probably dice (I can check tonight). I don't need any of the cards you have listed for trade, but if you wanted to buy them I'm sure we could work out a fair price. PM me if you're interested.

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    I believe (without looking) I have most of the AoU extras. PM me and I will come up with a complete list of my extras.

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    I am sure i have most if not all you are looking for. I dont need any commons or uncommons but i am sure we can work something out. PM if interested or hit me up after you do trades i can help out with the rest

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    Do you still need quite a few of the commons/uncommons in either set? I know I have a ton of them (At least enough to do the bulk trade, and I am in need of quite a few dice from both sets.

    Let me know!

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    I have 90-95% of all those commons and uncommons you need. dont have JL dice but I have some of the AoU dice.
    sent you an email.

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    Did some trading. List got smaller.

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    I still see quite a few things I could provide. I'll provide a full response later tonight.

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    Alright, sat down and pulled out the full list of stuff I have.


    AOU Uncommon:
    Loki's Scepter
    Red Skull

    AOU Common:
    Red Skull

    DC Uncommon:

    Red Skull x2

    Black Manta
    Blue Beetle
    Booster Gold

    I'm interested in:
    Ultron Drone (Common)
    Ultron Drone Dice (3)
    SHIELD Helicarrier (Uncommon)
    Baron Zemo dice (2)
    Maria Hill dice (1)
    Rocket Raccoon (Uncommon)
    Rocket Raccoon dice (1)
    Harley Quinn (Common)
    Aquaman (Common)
    Aquaman dice (2)
    The Atom (Common)
    Captain Cold (Uncommon)
    Captain Cold dice (2)
    Constatine dice (1)
    Darkseid (Common)
    The Flash (Common)
    The Flash dice (2)
    Stargirl (Common)
    Stargirl dice (2)
    Swamp Thing (Uncommon)

    I didn't count up what I asked for, i just started adding stuff after the things I know I needed. lmk if I'm over, I will adjust. And just in general lmk if you want to deal

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    Updated with information for a pending trade with Chapa71.

    Basically down to Uncommon Wasp and Hawkman plus all the dice.

    TheMadKing, I'll take up up on the Uncommon Hawkman plus all the dice. If you want to pick out an uncommon that you needed, plus 15 (you have 16 listed) dice from your list, we can call that even. Rarity for rarity and die per die.

    Let me know.

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    Well actually I don't need any of the uncommons as much as a couple of the commons, could we do that?

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    Absolutely. I'll PM you and we can iron out the details.

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    Themadking's items have shipped.

    Down to 4 uncommons remaining and a number of dice.
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