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Thread: Themes for Constructed

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    Themes for Constructed

    So my buddies and I are planning a Dice Masters blow out weekend and I want to throw a bunch of themes in a hat and pull them and be forced to build a team to those specs. I have some ideas already like "Greyscale - Commons/Starter only", "Ladies of Dice Masters - Only Female Characters", "Humans Need Not Apply - Any Character that CANNOT pass for human"

    But I'm looking for more ideas. What kinda themes can you think of?

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    Theme ideas:
    *Only characters that can fly - could include dragons.
    *Can't we all just get along - must have enemies working together. Ex. Prof X & Magneto, Superman & Lex Luther...
    *Gearing up - must/can only have a gear and character combo(s). Ex Captain America & Shield, Batman & Batarang...
    *High rollers - no characters under 4 cost.

    Then the obvious ones are:
    All of one energy type - Ex. All bolts.

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    * Ladies of DC vs Ladies of Marvel
    * Justice League vs Avengers
    * DC Villains vs Marvel Villains

    Or you can do teams based on a Captain, where it's pretty much their choice as long as the Captain requirement if filled...

    * Team Green Arrow vs Team Hawkeye
    * Team Aquaman vs Team Namor

    etc. etc.

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    Flying characters is awesome. I'm totally doing that. And damn I really like the enemies theme too...actually I love them all. These are great ideas. Thank you.

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    BYOS - Bring Your Own Set
    No Dopplegangers. If a character is on both sides of the field (regardless of subtitle), they can't be used for that game. ProX - Trainer would cancel Prox - Charles Xavier, etc.

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