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    Hey Ramy - I am not speaking for Dave or any of the TRPN guys

    But as a former forum owner and admin - adding a feature, like having it the forum work with tapatalk isn't a flick the switch option

    First off, if tapatalk haven't change their fees, there is a monthly cost to think about

    Second then there is the forum back end and will it be supported by tapatalk - not all forum software is created equal - and if it doesn't, what are the pros and cons of switching to one that does

    And then there is implementing the code, which will (new code nearly always) effect other things (the colon codes as one example of the top of my head)

    Finally, you have find time to sit down and work all of these things out before coming to a decision

    So how about give them a little more time than 2 days to get back to you, and use the decent (I have seen far worse) mobile friendly page to read important things and jump on your desktop/laptop to do long posts, or read image heavy threads

    ***Written on my mobile command centre (aka my iPad)

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    Are you specifically interested in a Tapatalk interface or more generally interested in a mobile app?

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