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Thread: NWO Death by blocking!

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    NWO Death by blocking!

    Here is my current version of my Ultron/Drone capture and destroy build

    Basic Action Card - Resurrection
    Basic Action Card - Hulk Out
    4 x Kobold - Greater Humanoid
    2 x Constantine - Hellblazer
    4 x Ultron Drone - 1 of a Million
    4 x Wasp - Founding Avenger
    1 x Goblin Attack Force - Goblin Squad
    2 x Ultron - New World Order
    2 x Venom - Angelo Fortunato
    1 x Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Monstrous Dragon

    I wanted to avoid PXG (if my opponent happens to bring it fairplay) but have some ramp options hence resurrection,BEWD and Kobolds (BEWD and kobolds fit together so well they should come as a pair) For anti opponent/control I have Constantine, Wasp and Venom. For Win Condition Ultron, Ultron Drones, Hulk Out and Goblin Attack Force Global (it's cheaper than the built in global of the drones meaning I can force more blocks for less). It's not perfect but I think it covers the major bases, unless of course you know better?

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    Ultron Drones are the Win condition.

    Id switch out Goblins for Grundy. I notice you dont have any spot removal.

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    Yep your right about the spot removal that's kind of a conscious decision, I have an indirect method of forcing them to block and beating them down but all the things that are worried about also have big fielding costs which I want to fuel the drones. If I were going to add something it would most likely be millennium puzzle rather than Grundy as it just sits there till I'm ready with no regularly used counter.

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    Well got a couple of practice games tonight so I'm going to try it with an without the puzzle to see which feels best.Another thing I'm considering is swapping Hulk out for anger issues which is more expensive not a problem as I have blue eyes but may make my opponent think twice before buying them (a problem that Hulk out has as its so cheap).

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