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Thread: Flaming Fist - Please help me tweek it

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    Flaming Fist - Please help me tweek it


    So I found out that I am going to be playing in the Iron Man
    And I have my constructed list - and I need help to tweek it

    Basic Action Card - Cone of Cold
    Basic Action Card - Hulk Out
    4 x Kobold - Greater Humanoid
    3 x S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent - Need to Know Basis
    3 x Ultron Drone - 1 of a Million
    2 x Wasp - Founding Avenger
    2 x Human Torch - "Flame On!"
    2 x Firestorm - Jason and Ronnie
    2 x Ultron - New World Order
    2 x Venom - Angelo Fortunato

    So there is a couple of win conditions, but either way it is direct damage.
    My first Option is using Ultron Drone and Ultron capturing direct damage to do between 3 - 6 damage per turn once they are out. Wasp keeps globals use painful and Kobold swarming is the ramp

    The Second option is Human Torch, Firestorm and SHIELD Agents, just keep rotating out Shield agents,

    And the last option (and really a fall back if it all goes to hell) Get as many fist characters out as I can and use Hulk out and Venom to boost up an Ultron Drone or Ultron give it over crush and combat damage

    I know it might seem like to many ways to win, but each sort of just happen as I was trying to build the first two ...

    So what do you guys thinK

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    Looking over your team the only real advice I could think to offer would be to focus on protecting a win condition. For instance if you really want to focus on Ultron Drone and Ultron then think about what could really affect them. You already have a pretty solid win condition in those two cards with hulk out. Ultron Drones remove blockers and all damage clears when mixed with Hulk Out. With Ultron in the mix you are looking at a possible 10 damage clearing in one turn. Bring some other cards like Human Paladin or the common Loki from AoU to protect your Ultron and Drones and you could be looking at something other players will have quite a bit of trouble with. I would also bring something for spot removal in particular I really enjoy the Millennium Puzzle. Those are just a few ideas.

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