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Thread: Team Bolter - Gotta Ping em All!

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    Team Bolter - Gotta Ping em All!

    Here is my Bolter Team. Because i fire shots from everywhere and try to ping my opponent as much as possible down.

    I am not so sure about Thousand Dragon and Millenium Puzzle ,so if there is a better Option as 100% removal, pls post it .

    Wasp: Founding Avenger


    Tried it out today without Wasp, and it worked well.

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    Any of the Red Dragons. Pay 1 bolt and then buy the action to Ping them for one. Since you're only going for the millennium puzzle go with Red Dragon.

    Also, how bout the rare Wasp? You're using Cyclops field leader to boost the damage.

    As for Casualties, I'm not sure about that one.

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    It is the Rare Wasp on the team.

    Well Casualties is good because you can ping single Sidekicks for it and sometimes buy one the die if you have not more energy
    And there you get the difference if the enemy makes somehow a difference in Life to you.
    This team will rush only when lethal.

    RedDG would give my enemy not such a strong possibility to buy Action Dies. But i would pay 4 instead of 3 Energy for the Puzzle.

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    But you have hulk to clear the field. You're pinging him with Human Torch. How bout Hulk out for a cheap die?

    But you're still paying 3 for the puzzle. Two bolts and one extra extra shield for it. Mind I also add that with Hulk out in the field your opponent will be scared to use Red Dragon. It activates Hulk.

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    That is a good point with red dragon! Hulk Out would bring me on this team maybe more pain than i would gain. I think Villainous Pact would be better but still Resurrection helped me a lot today.

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    Yes, it boosts whatever it is for bolts by one. Meaning with Cyclops and Human torch, it would deal 1 damage to the opponent +1 and 1 to character +1. So a total of 2 for 2.

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    I just use cards that I enjoy playing. I stick to meta by coincidence.

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    Sorry Vastspartan, i had a different team in mind, your right, the Villain BAC is rather useless and only helping for my enemy.

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    Yeah I'm a huge fan of playing with characters I like. Personally I try and stray from the normal cards people use unless I'm playing competitively. With I love real whack job combos that may or may not work. I have friend I play with who refuses to try a new deck. I've even shown him different strategies for different combos. But no matter what. Clinging to that original AvX deck he has. Which nowadays can be good or bad depending on the group you play in. My deck changes all the time.

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    Well against the Fury Patch standard deck i lost, because it was slow. I think i will put out the Dragon and the Puzzle for something different^^.

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