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    Flash Action

    So I've been trying for awhile now to make a fun and viable team for The Flash. I've managed to make something fun but there are a lot of moving pieces. Therefore, it wouldn't be the best in a tournament setting. Still loads of fun.


    Aquaman - Arthur Curry
    Wonder Woman- Princess Diana
    Baron Zemo - Thunderbolt
    Millennium Puzzle - The Eternal Dungeon
    Nick Fury - Patch
    S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier - Argonaut
    The Flash - Speedster
    Professor X - Trainer or Recruiting Young Mutants

    The win condition is The Flash. This team is slower than I wish. However, if you can get it to work it is extremely satisfying and loads of fun. The idea here is to purchase Aquaman to make you JL dice cheaper. Purchase Wonder Woman to wall up with sidekicks. Next purchase is Millenium Puzzle for removal of any pesky dice that will appear and put a damper on your plans. Next is Nick Fury. Plant him in the field and buy the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and The Flash along with Enrage. The idea here is to use a combo of polymorph global and enrage to make Flash his level 3 face if needed. The helicarrier will give him +3 attack and make him an avenger. Use the enrage global to pump him up 2 more attack and swing through after using the enrage action die. This will make Flash unblockable and when he swings through for 10 with the addition of the avengers logo Nick Fury makes him swing twice therefore wiping your opponent out. I've had a blast playing this team and felt the need to share it. Hopefully you guys have a couple of tweaks that will help me make this more viable. Have fun!

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    I used the Sangan plus Blue Eyes for my Flash deck. Since he's going unblocked I can just KO Sangan on their turn and put him into Prep. I suggest you pick different BAC's. Something cheap or something that boosts damage. Maybe a hulk out or Anger Issues.

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    DoomCaliber knight you lose the mind game for using an action die such as Anger Issues.

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