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Thread: Teamwatch/Teamwork: The irrefutable proof

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    Teamwatch/Teamwork: The irrefutable proof

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    Teamwatch and teamwork only count unique characters.

    The player Maya has three dice assigned to attack, two Iron Man dice and one Hawkeyes and two action dice ready, the pertinent one being Coordinated Strike.

    The key sentence is as follows

    Since she has two active characters (Hawkman and Iron Man) who share an affiliation, she gets to use the effect a second time and deal damage to Thor again.

    That sentence right there shows what Teamwatch and Teamwork are looking for, two different characters.

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    This definitely shows that Teamwork can only function between two unique characters, but it does not relate to the Teamwatch mechanic as they are distinct keywords with different wordings.

    Still, this definitely cuts into Assemble!'s already minimal utility, so it's nice to make this known here and now instead of in a tournament with a gimmick team that's just been hamstrung.

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    The mechanics behind Teamwatch and Teamwork are definitely related. If this isn't enough to prove that then I'll defer to the inevitable ruling that definitively proves it.

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