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Thread: Colossus - Russian Bear...Viable?

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    Colossus - Russian Bear...Viable?


    Well, there he is as handsome as ever. He costs 7, which is spendy, but his TFC is 4, which for 8/7 on top die really ain't that bad. The question is: is he viable? At all? I'm not a crack team builder, but let me talk some strategy here.

    Pros and Combos
    He's a big beefy beat stick with auto churn. Couple him with Relentless and probably Enrage. Pair him with She-Hulk, Lady Liberator and keep a Mask with the global and you've got 3 blockers covered. You could instead bring a Force Beam to keep the board as clean as you can from chump blockers.

    Cons and Problems
    Distraction. Yeah...there's Distraction. Any decent assassin is gonna give you a bad day - not that they wouldn't anyway, but spending that much energy to get someone on the board who gets reliably whisked away is gonna suck. He costs a lot, and for 7-cost, there are other potentially better ones out there.

    I've just always loved Colossus and always wanted to run with him. What are some other good pairings or pitfalls to look out for?

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    "My name is Chris, and I steal thunder"... kidding, but Colossus IS my next character to record a "There and Back Again" segment for. Russian Bear is fun. But my favorite is Piotr Rasputin

    (please show me how to insert the image here and i will edit the post and put the card for Piotr Rasputin here)

    Another 7 cost, but he isn't dependent on needing his burst. Like you mentioned, I like that TFC 4 for those beefy stats.

    Pros and Combos
    Anything that can spin up! Sabretooth, She-Hulk, Vision... but my favorite is Ant-Man The Insect World. He's cheap enough to get on your first turn, and still use PXG. When you field him, you can pay 1 life if needed to ensure he is on his level 2 side, meeting the requirement for Colossus's ability. I like Distraction to slow the game down, or bring my colossus back if they try to force him to attack.

    Since we are focussing on Fist energy, we might as well bring Spider-Man Tiger and Yu-Gi-Oh's Ring of Magnetism Action Attraction (a combo i'm VERY excited to try to put in to practice) along as well. Play RoM on Spidey so any action my opponent makes that targets a character has to target Spidey. Then I can pay a fist to avoid it. This will keep the heat off of Colossus, letting him stay in the field a little longer.

    Cons and Problems
    Storm Wind Rider or the new OP Apocalypse that assassinates multiple characters at once. So even if I have RoM on Spidey, my Colossus can still be targetted.

    Aggro teams like the Super Sidekick. I brought along Distraction to force characters back to lengthen the game, but I think it's a little too easy for me to be overrun if I'm putting so many eggs in the Colossus basket.

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    He's expensive but once in the fold very useful. if you have a way of doing that reliably them great but the purchase cost slows things down a lot. He's a turn two buy with PXG but then you prevent another PXG roll and could jam up your dice flow. I don't know. the early buy is there but it's a big tempo hit.

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