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    Info about WES Friend Feature

    In an effort to make greater use of the WES system I recently attempted to 'friend' someone.
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    Unfortunately I was unable to complete this action.
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    I attempted this for the couple people that I know who are on the WES system, namely @Mongooli and @Jthomash2 . Both provided this error message. So I sent the WES Support an email inquiring if there was an issue. Here is the response which I wanted to share with everyone in order to make the WES Friend feature more usable.

    This is not an issue on your end. If you look at your screenshot at the bottom it says following this user is not allowed. This is a privacy setting that all players have and they must check it to allow other players to follow them. So in order to follow someone they must allow others to do this.

    Best regards,
    WES Support
    So if you too would like to use this feature, change your privacy settings and Friend me!

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    I have wondered about this too, and have felt silly because I can't find ANY options to allow friending in my settings.

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    Check the box at: Settings 》Privacy Settings 》Following

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shazam View Post
    Check the box at: Settings 》Privacy Settings 》Following
    It looks like I accidentally did that already. Thank you Shazam.

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    The biggest problem I have with WES is that it all emphasizes quantity.

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    If anyone wants to find me, I am Fazzumen. I also created a clan, because, why not? It is called "The Cluck Buckets". I was going to use a KFC bucket as the team icon, but you can't upload one, you have to create one from the maker. Meh. Anyway, if anyone wants to join for kicks, you are welcome.

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