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Thread: new WoL characters

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    Super Boy is a nice counter to bolt teams, especially Jocasta.

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    Lets be Honest, Wizkids hate me and make the characters i love the most to hard to use..... Superboy why??????!!!!!??

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    Superboy coming along side of Superman are definitely going to be bruisers

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    Did you ever read Dex-Star's Origin? It's like the Hallmark "movie of the week" for superpowers demon-cats.

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    Dex's action figure was such a disappointment. I'm glad they got his Clix right. I hope he has a version in DM that I can play. A lot. Such an awesome character.

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    I will make a team based around Dextarr.... it will win.....all.....

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    This is one of the sadest stories ever ive seen so far.

    GOOD KITTY! Kitty will win! Kitty will eat the Cheese and enemys maybe....

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    The wording for that is totally formatted wrong. Maybe it's +1 attack for each Dex-Starr that attacks, but if it were simply +1 it wouldn't have his name in the text box twice.

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    Thanks for sharing this. I HAVE to pull a Dex-Starr. I would love a closer look at his abilities. I notice he is a rare. Can we assume there is a common version or uncommon version also? I cant wait for this set!

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    Earth has had 3 to 5 Red Lanterns already. They are supposed to be one per sector. They explained why the Green Lanterns got away with 4 on earth. I wonder why the reds like us so much.

    Dex, Guy, Rankorr/John Moore for certain. Then there are Kara and Mera. Kara lives on Earth, but is technically a kryptonian. Mera was only deputized. I guess similar arguments could be made for Superboy Prime.

    Has Lobo used that Red ring he scored off Atrocious yet? We that retconned after Flash Point?

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