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Thread: Specific teamwatch question

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    Specific teamwatch question

    I have posted this on both Boardgamegeek and the official Wizkids rules forum and have yet to get a response, so I'm trying here.

    I've been looking through lots of teamwatch rulings and nothing seems to answer my question, so here it goes.

    If I have 2 Hawkeye-Clint in the field and then field another Avenger, do I get to ping twice? I've been playing it like a "while active" ability (as it clearly states in the rulebook, but not on the cards themselves. Like Retaliation, the card text and rulebook text don't match, but I digress) and regardless of how many Hawkeyes I have out, I only get to do the 1 damage once. But then I looked closer at Moondragon-Heather Douglas.

    Her teamwatch ability directly affects her die. If I go by how I use Hawkeye, if I have more than one Moondragon in the field and the add another Avenger or Guardian, I'd have to pick one die to get the +2D. This seems wrong. I feel all Moondragons in the field should get the bonus a la Human Torch-Playing With Fire. But I can't have it both ways. Either all Moondragons get buffed AND I can ping multiple times with multiple Hawkeyes or I only get to ping once with Hawkeye regardless of how many there are in the field and I have to choose a Moondragon to get the defense boost.

    So which is it?


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    There is another thread on this where we're discussing this very thing:

    So far, consensus has not been reached entirely, but many of us are treating Teamwatch as a "self-referential" ability that triggers per-die.

    i.e. If you have two Clint dice in the field and then field another Avenger, you'll get to deal 1 damage to an opposing character die twice.

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