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Thread: Any further word on DC Dice Masters?

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    Any further word on DC Dice Masters?

    I've only heard speculation, but the 3/18 release seems to be...stretching it. My FLGS is still available to get DC in by then according to Alliance, but we'll see.

    Anyone else heard anything different?

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    The only related thing I've heard is that the Dice Tower review of DC is coming this week. I think Wizkids prefers those to release not all too early compared to product availability, but then again I don't recall any solid correlation between the two.

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    Everything I've heard is March-ish or April. I'm planning on April and yet I'm still planning on being disappointed when it's not released yet lol.

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    The retailer solicitation files were recently updated slightly, but they are still showing March 18. I think they'd be smart to deliberately push the product back to April to give DnD some breathing room, but I guess if the product is ready (and the West coast port logjam has cleared), it is possible that they still want the 18th. A timeline like this makes some sense:

    End of Jan - Mid Mar: Yugioh
    Mid Mar - End Apr: Dnd
    Start of May - End June: Justice League
    End June - Mid Aug: Ultron
    Mid Aug: War of Light
    October: LoTR
    End of Year: (Whatever the next, so far unannounced, comic release is)

    It gives each set a couple of months to shine.

    But back to Justice League. Coolstuffinc (my goto source since the local shop hasn't moved beyond having only UXM) seems to know more than most when it comes to WizKids and what kind of allocations they're going to get, and when they're going to get them. They still aren't taking a preorder, so it sounds like a delay to me...

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    The WizKids rep at GAMA said that DC should be out "about the second or third week" of next month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken View Post
    October: LoTR
    Umm..... did I miss something? I must have missed when you posted this a few weeks ago. LotR Dice Masters?

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    Are you trying to dash my hopes of LoTR Dice Masters by October?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yes please!!

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    Wait, is LOTR real? I mean, it doesn't surprise me - if there are Clix of it, then I assume there will be Dice of it - but still.

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    Oh. Well, DC is certainly there at Nationals, so I'd imagine that it's right around the corner.

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    I saw an updated distro flyer that said something about April 28, I think.

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    The LoTR dice picture was just me strategically stacking dice from the LOTR Dice Building game in a way to show only character faces (well, and the eye of Sauron).

    But that still doesn't mean I can't hope for LoTR Dice Masters in October. If us players keep talking like it's a real thing in excited tones maybe WizKids will decide to actually do it. There are LOTS of possibilities in that source material.

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    I'm excited for DC to come out; I was really excited to get a bunch at Nationals. I liked Dice Masters before, but I LOVE it now (I just like DC more, I guess). I need me some more Black Canarys!

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    As do I! My girlfriend reminds me a lot of BC, so it'd be nice to put "her" on a team.

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    What is it about LOTR that lends itself so well to rolling dice? It has to be more than the D&D connection.

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    Secret War is the next big comic event. Maybe we'll see a Dicemasters Secret War set at the end of this year.

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    My store is expecting it Tuesday. I guess we'll find out.

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    Distributors typically get products to stores on Tuesdays (for whatever reason). With my FLGS, they have gotten new sets on Tuesdays but haven't released them for sale until Wednesday's (the release dates have generally fallen on Wednesdays). Technically, places could physically sell on Tuesday. But it violates their agreement with WizKids and could result in their product allocations getting reduced or eliminated altogether. I don't think places get caught all that often, but WizKids does police it and stores have been adversly affected as a result. Bottom line: I wouldn't push a store to sell on Tuesday. It's bad for them, which means it's bad for you.

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    Those of you with DC cards. Are they the same stock as the d&d cards?

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