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Thread: Dracolich and Lex Luthor Combo

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    Dracolich and Lex Luthor Combo

    So the rare Dracolich reads While Active, your opponent takes one damage when either player rolls (but not rerolls) action dice. The Lex Luthor Uncommon reads Whenever you use a basic action die, roll it. If it is an action face add it to your prep area.

    My question here is would Lex trigger the effects of Draco again? The card says roll which would make it seem that it would trigger this ability. However, is this not technically a reroll?

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    The re-roll part only counts if it is being re-rolled at the same time as the initial roll (usually in the Roll & Re-Roll Step). It means your opponent is getting punished for rolling the action die, but not getting double-punished if they choose to re-roll it.

    Yes, they would trigger.

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