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    Newb Deck Help

    New to the game and the forums. Not sure how to post the fancy pictures of my deck so I will have to list it out. The goal of my deck is to build up high attack value dice and get Spider Man out to make everyone block him and then hammer with attack value. I have been going up against a lot of people using Professor X and Wasp. So I am using the Global for Professor X to get extra sidekick dice for the next roll which started to hurt when Wasp is out. Any tips would be appreciated. Right now my cards are mostly comprised of AOU and Avengers vs Xmen cards with a few boosters from D&D and DC. Thanks in advance for any help.

    Nick Fury - Mr Anger x3
    Falcon - Samuel Wilson x3
    Sprider Man - Webslinger x2
    Giant Man - Dr Henry Pym x3
    Ant Man - Biophysicist x2
    Black Panther - Wakanda Chief x2
    IceMan - Too coool for words - x2
    Beast - Mutate 666 x3

    Focus Power and Ambush for the action cards.

    My goal has been to get cheap fists and get Spider Man out quick. Iceman has not really come into play much and I feel like Beast is really wasted space. I am using Nick Fury for the free fielding cost for Avengers and really am not sure which action cards to use.

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    Use this to post your pictures

    Just type :____#: and it should pop up. Age of Ultron isnt out yet for this website.

    I looked at your deck and I can understand your 'win condition' but it really isnt. Spiderman helps kill a couple of things but you need to split apart the damage which he doesnt have.

    You have 2 cheap fists. Pick one or the other. I'd go with Antman because his attack stats are better. You're going for an Avenger team, good on you.

    Now for starters, get a win condition. There are multiple ways to win. If you're going for Avengers I suggest use Black Widow:Natasha. She's part of the AOU in grav feed. Cheap masks and you can recycle her.

    Next, you can use this guy Can be part of your win condition. You can recycle Natasha and re-field her. She's either blocked or goes through. Its pretty good.

    Nex thing I see is you dont have any ramp. You can use PXG (professor X Global). Probably the fastest way to get your characters out and possibility of thinning your bag to make sure you draw the dice you need. Plus, Black Widow is a mask character. Helps out if you cant field her. Masks definitely help.

    As for that Pesky wasp, you might want to consider either of these two. . Personally I would go with Green Goliath because you can swing for Lethal and Wipe the board. Also helps because you have human torch to Ping Hulk for 1 every time you field something. Nick fury definitely helps because you field your characters for free.

    As for the Giant Man I would go with the uncommon. Every time something is knocked out he goes up one level. If you plan to use Black Widow Natasha, there is a possibility she will get knocked out. So your Giant Man goes up a level.

    Next are your BAC's. Those arent useful in any manner if dont plan on buying them.
    Because of Giant Man and Hulk go with Polymorph. If you roll Hulk on his third level, you can bring him down. With Giant Man if you roll that terrible 1/1 you can level him up. Helps with your Ant Mans too. Level 3 son.

    Polymorph if bought can be a safe way of removal for some characters. It can even help you out. Swap a fielded sideckick for your lets say Hulk from the used pile. He gets that nice burst symbol and your opponent will be hesitant to swing. No one wants to get ***** slapped by Hulk for a potential 3A board wipe.

    As for the next BAC, you maybe use Anger issues. You can be rolling in fists and use them to pump something up. With Spiderman you force them to block him with a single fist and then use the rest on another character to finish them off. Buy an Anger issues and a Giant Man, there's lethal damage coming someone's way. Spiderman to force them to block and swing in with Giant Man + Anger Issues + Anger Issues Global for some big damage. All the possibilities.

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    I see your win-con, @chitownroy , and I really like it - I've built similar teams myself.

    Now, what you want to do, however, is maximise the damage you deal when you swing with Spider-Man et al, so, the first change I'd make is which Nick Fury you're using to Nick Fury - Patch:

    Then I would give yourself some better consistency with S.H.I.E.L.D Agent - Need To Know Basis:

    You could drop either Ant-Man or Falcon for this.

    Ice Man really isn't doing anything in your team, so I would drop him and put in Professor X - Recruiting Young Mutants:

    And, though a 2-cost mask character is a good idea, Beast Mutate #666 is also not doing anything for you, because you don't have a way to force your opponent to block, so I'd switch him out for either Black Widow - Natasha or Black Widow - Spy:

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    Quote Originally Posted by chitownroy View Post
    I have been going up against a lot of people using Professor X ... So I am using the Global for Professor X to get extra sidekick dice for the next roll...
    As others have suggested, play your own Professor X. Don't rely on your opponent bringing the card to the table.

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    Sometimes they bring it, sometimes they dont with professor X. I looked at your deck and you can go with the extra card slot so just pack it into yours. It doesnt hurt.

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