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Thread: First Rainbow Draft Tourney

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    First Rainbow Draft Tourney

    Hey Dicemaster fiends! I'm a new player and entering my first Rainbow Draft at a store I play at. Being a new player I have no idea what to look for while playing or which BACs to bring. Its going to be a Justice League draft and I have the Basic cards from both JL and AoU. I'm just looking for help with strategy and what I should look for and what makes good combos out of the cards I could pull while drafting. Any advice would help and be greatly appreciated!! Also I seem to scrape out a win here or there but it seems most of the time I don't seem to be doing much damage just don't think I'm getting the concept of when its a good time to attack or hold off.



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    A strategy I like to use is to convince other players how good Vixen is. Comments like "Wow, only three Vixen dice in the rainbow. I sure do hope they wind their way around to me..." and "Dibs on the cat woman who is not Catwoman or Cheetah (who is also a cat woman)!", or even "I'll pay 5 bucks per Common Vixen after the draft!" have served me well.

    Also, uncommon Red Tornado.

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    Firestorm Jason and Ronnie
    Common CHeetah
    Black Manta David/Deep Sea Deviant
    Red Tornado Uncommon
    Hawkman Uncommon

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    Ramping, Churn. Getting as much energy currency as you can get. Like Professor X Global, paying 1 mask to get 2 sidekick dice in your prep. Red Tornado allows you to churn your dice to get the characters you may roll.

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    Bombs are big strong win conditions that usually take some significant effort to get the resources for. In draft, bombs usually cost too much to reliably expect to field in an average game, but are something you could perhaps build your team around and get online late.

    Also, of late, Dice Masters has had a wide selection of bombs to choose from in the draft formats, and usually you only need one. As such, bombs will wheel (or get picked late) and you can plan to pick one or more up in the second rotation of each pack.

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