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Thread: Villainous Team Up

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    Villainous Team Up


    So I want to play with the bad guys - and trying to get Dr Doom and Venom to work together (cause that is just mean)

    So here is my list (You can see it at

    Basic Actions


    Ultron Drone - Common

    Price fixing and protection

    Direct Damage

    Board Wipe

    Lethal Swing through

    So this should give you an idea on how I`m going to play it as well as the point of each card, any help would be awesome

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    You can use Green Goblin + Blue eyes +
    Helps with Black Mantas Retaliation. Possibly use Death Stroke

    Instead of Venom, maybe Zombie Magneto? Great blocker stats and can possibly be board wipe. Also makes those 3 costs just pawns.

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