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    Zombie Red Skull

    "While active, opponent can't attack with more than 1 sidekick per turn"

    So...does this mean my opponent can only attack with a single sidekick? Does attacking with a Sidekick + Beast (for example) count as "attacking with more than one sidekick"?

    I think I am probably stretching the intent of this card, but based on how it is worded, I thought this question deserved a bit of consensus from the forums.

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    @Scum you are my favourite

    Obviously Beast is not a that is not my question.

    My point is...Sidekick + Anything = More than one sidekick...right?

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    No, more then 1 sidekick is only referring to sidekicks. You can attack with 0-1 sidekicks and any amount of non-sidekicks.

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    I'm trying to imagine the sorts of rules nightmares you'd end up with if the intent was what the question is asking about. "So if I attack with no sidekicks, can I attack with any number of non-sidekicks or only one non-sidekick? Can I ever attack with non-sidekicks? Is it ok to have pizza at the gaming table? Does Bucky count as a sidekick if I also control Captain America?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scum View Post
    Does Bucky count as a sidekick if I also control Captain America?"
    I'm thinking that this should be the case. Bucky and Robin are Sidekicks as long as Cap and Bats are active. It would make Robin even better, and Bucky almost playable.

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    Lets use a real life example...

    Let's say I own a fruit stand. @Scum is a customer of mine. I have a delivery boy who works for me and he regularly delivers some fruit to @Scum . The standing instructions that @Scum has given me for his delivery every Tuesday is "I can't have more than 1 orange". That is it...that is all the instructions I have.

    Does this mean I can send @Scum a billion apples every Tuesday and 1 orange? Maybe...but I'm sure @Scum wouldn't be happy with me.

    By the way...I'm just being a little silly here. I totally agree that the intent of the card is not what I am describing, I was just trying to find a way to make this card useful, as it is actually pretty horrible...and there was probably a better way to word the ability.

    By the way again.. @OddballNarwhal I love the idea of giving characters like Robin and Bucky "Sidekick-like" abilities. Maybe that is an idea for a future game certain characters the ability to act like Sidekick dice, if thier regular partner is active. That would be fun.

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    My understanding is
    A.) Banging your head against the wall hurts
    B.) You can only assign a maxim of 1 sidekick to attack
    C.) You can assign as many Non-Side Characters as you want, as long as they are not Capitan America

    The information is all on the card - nothing tricky or hidden on this one

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    ... until the writers find a contrived way to bring him back... again.

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    Thanks Guys...what actually caused all this was me reading the card wrong once...thinking it was awesome...then reading it again...realizing it was horrible, but still wanting to see if anyone else thought there might be a different way to interpret the ability. is horrible. Still think we have hit on something with this sidekick stuff the thread isn't all bad...

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