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Thread: Volunteers Wanted

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    Volunteers Wanted

    Hey guys

    I am looking for 10 volunteers - play a lot of Dicemasters (preferable on Vassal to widen the depth of opponents)

    This is for my audio engineering refresher course (the unit is called Music in Medicine)

    What I am looking to do is to explore if certain music will increase the mental capacity and focus using Dice Masters as the test

    Dice Master is a good test for this, because of the dice rolls, and what your opponents are bringing, no two games are exactly the same, and you need to be flexible and see all of the options

    So what the 10 Volunteers will do is:
    A) Be assigned a letter of the alphabet via PM by my partner, so I dont know who is which letter (I`ll show her how to delete sent messages to remove any chance of me cheating)
    B) They will record 50 games results on a google form,
    C) They will be sent a MP3 which will be an hour long.
    D) They will listen to the MP3 while doing anything dice masters related, playing, building teams, forum reading, as much as possible (not increase the amount of activity you do, just while are doing the activities, just listen to the music)
    E) Record another 50 games of results
    F) Watch this space for graphs and tables outlining my findings, and then be included in my study report

    Simple enough (and might be interesting to see what happens and its a reason to play more games)

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    Sounds like a cool study. Would love to volunteer if I had the time to dedicate to it. (Unless you're imagining this as 2-year-long study. )

    In fact, I'd probably guess that a 100 games would be a tough commitment for most people to make, especially if you want it done rather quickly. You might have more success finding participants if you lower the playtime requirements, right?

    What if instead of having 10 people play 100 games, you have 40 people play 3-5 games (i.e., some number of games that can be knocked out in one sitting) and randomly assign half of your participants to the Music condition and the other half to the No Music condition, then compare aggregate win rates between groups? With 440+ active members, I don't think it's totally unreasonable to think 9% of us might be interested in signing up for an evening of Dice Mastering in the name of science.

    Anyway, just a suggestion. If you do end up going with the "less players, more games" approach, definitely be sure to counterbalance the order in which your participants complete their chunks of No Music vs. Music games. That is, make sure half of your volunteers complete the first chunk listening to the music and the second chunk not listening to it. Otherwise, if you only have people listening to music during the second set of 50 games, any improvements you observe could be explained away as mere practice effects.

    Good luck! Look forward to seeing the results.

    -Your Friendly Neighborhood Social Scientist

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    I have 3 months to complete the Study
    That is why I went with a smaller amount (I figured it would be easier to find 10 people then 40)

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    I can definitely help with this on VASSAL. It'd be fun.

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