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Thread: Hybrid Sealed/Constructed Team - Where to go from here

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    Hybrid Sealed/Constructed Team - Where to go from here

    I've got a hybrid sealed/constructed tournament this weekend.

    Here is what I want to take with me:

    Turn 1: Buy Wasp & PXG on my opponents turn
    Turn 2: Buy Psylocke or two and maybe Hulk Out and PXG 2x on my opponent's turn
    Turn 3: Buy Cyclops

    From then on out, I'm using Wasp to shut down my opponent's use of globals, Pyslocke for targeted removal of dangerous characters, clearing the board with Cyclops, and dealing 4-6+ damage each time. I want to use PXG to keep my bag fairly empty to cycle through stuff quickly.

    Here are my questions:
    What BAC should I take? I really like Hulk Out because it is cheap. I'm a fan of Power Bolt. I like Anger Issue's +3 with overcrush and global ability. Distraction is always a good choice. What do you think? Something I'm not thinking of?

    Second question:
    What set should I pull my sealed characters from? Which set do you think has the most to contribute to the constructed portion of my team? I'm thinking YGO hoping to get Morphing Jar on the cheap and maybe some of the big hitters. I have little experience with DnD and am not sure it would fit in well with what I want. Of all the sets, DnD seems to work best within a DnD exclusive environment.

    Third Question:
    The one thing I am most nervous about is Tsarina. I think I can weather Hulk Green Goliath by fielding a Professor X at level 3. But that direct damgage that comes from Tsarina hard and fast might be too much. I'm toying with replacing Wasp with Captain America Super Soldier. What do you think?

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    A turn 3 Cyclops If Looks Could Kill buy is a big ask.

    Consider using Cyclops Slim instead:

    It combos really well with Overcrush - if you take Anger Issues, then your first three turns can be:

    Turn 1: Wasp/Psylocke.
    Turn 2: Anger Issues.
    Turn 3: Cyclops.

    And you'll still have enough energy to continue PXGing between turn 3 and 4.

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    Turn three is a bit optimistic, but it is possible to PXG four dice on turn two so that I'm rolling eight on turn 3. I've played a few games with it have have been able to buy Cyclops on turn 3 or 4 at the latest.

    I like Slim, but he doesn't do what I want. My goal is to clear my opponent's field and come in to deal 5-9 damage (or more depending on global buffs) using Cyclops and Psylocke. Slim doesn't help me in quite the same way.

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    Oh, yeah, it's possible, it's just a big ask and destroys your ramp when you do manage it.

    So, if your aim is clear board and hit hard, then Hulk Out and Anger Issues don't fit. Also, whether you go that route or the Overcrush route, Distraction doesn't fit because you're giving your opponent the answer to your strategy.

    So, BAC-wise, I'd go with something that gives you a pump global, and probably Polymorph to help you get CILCK out.

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    Good point on Distraction.
    What do you think about Feedback?

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    Feedback is a good choice that synergises well with CILCK.

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    Quick Update:

    Played last weekend and had a GREAT time. I love playing Dice Masters, win or lose and we have a great local group.

    Characters I ended up taking:
    Cyclops- If Looks Could Kill (2 dice)
    Professor X- Trainer (3 dice + pulled 1 more from sealed booster)
    Psylocke- Kwannon the Assassin (3 dice + 1 more from booster)
    Wasp- Founding Avenger (3 dice)

    Feedback & Hulk Out

    I really wrestled with which set to pull boosters from. I have complete Marvel & DC sets, so I wanted to get YGO or DnD since I still need cards from those sets. But in the end, I decided to go with UXM. I decided to aim for more synergy and felt like I could get it with UXM boosters. I really wanted an additional Psylocke die and a Black Panther to pair up with Hulk Out as a beat stick. I ended up pulling some really great cards that added some balance to my team.

    She-Hulk- Jennifer Walters (2 dice)
    Storm- Weather Witch (1 die)
    Bishop- Omega Squad (3 dice)
    Black Panther- Wakana Chief (1 Die!)

    Games 1-3- I was able to get Cyclops out pretty quickly (by turn 4 or 5), and there was nothing my opponents could do to stop me. No one had an answer.

    Game 4- This was the big challenge. My opponent had Tsarina and a life gain team (OP Constantine- Trinity War, Beast-Bouncing Blue Beast, Red Skull- Johann Schmidt & Iron Man-Philanthropist). We played 3 matches. First match, I tried to get Cyclops out and it just didn't work. We were pretty close, but Tsarina was too much. I was impatient and too aggressive.

    Next 2 matches, I decided to change tactics. I had to get a bunch of cheap Psylocke dice and my Storm die out to build up a bit of a wall. I was able to several of them at levels 2 and 3 to neutralize Tsarina's ability. When they were KOed, it was no problem since they are so cheap to field. Plus I was able to get them back out at levels 2 or 3.

    The real superstar though was She Hulk. I'd forgotten how awesome she is! Especially when dealing with a Tsarina. She became my board-clearing power house. Paired up with Hulk Out and my opponent's Cone of Cold global, She Hulk dealt 16 damage to win the deciding game.

    Thanks @Scorpion0x17 for your input. I really appreciate it!

    My Team

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razorback View Post
    Thanks @Scorpion0x17 for your input. I really appreciate it!
    You're welcome.

    Really pleased it worked out.

    I had been in a bit of downer about aspects of the game, but this has cheered me up a lot!

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