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Thread: The Atom - Ray Palmer (What is this source of damage)

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    The Atom - Ray Palmer (What is this source of damage)

    Rules question (the wizkids page is horrible for getting answers)

    Player A has level 1 The Atom Ray Palmer in play (the atom takes no damage from higher level characters.

    Player B has a level 3 Firestorm and brings in a level 1 Cheetah. and wants to target The Atom with firestorm's damage

    question: is the source of the damage firestorm or player B? if it is Firestorm can player B ko The Atom?

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    It's not a Global, it's Firestorm's ability. Atom takes no damage from him.

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    O.K - Being Firestorm's Ability - If there is 2 firestorms out - One at Level 1 and one at Level 3 - Is the Level 1 able to fire off or is it taken from the Highest Level of that character on the field?

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    The player in control of Firestorm would get to choose. Naturally he would choose the level 1.

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