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Thread: How to play the Game in a common way?

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    How to play the Game in a common way?

    Hey there , i think, i need a little bit help for my playstyle.

    I know what to buy the first 2 turns, and sometimes i know when to use a global to draw an extra die in turn 1 or 2.

    But often after the first 2 turns, i am breaking down and with every turn following it gets more and more worse as before.

    I unsure when to field a Sidekick and also how much of Sidekicks. In addition i am unsure to buy right now my heavy hitters or build up a small wall before. I know some things come with experience and what you want to achieve with your team.

    But i think my playstyle is just bad and i dont know what to do about it.

    I've watched every nationals and Worlds video and i cannot help me, because i dont own all of these cards like BEWD, tsarina & Gobby and and and.... .

    So how can i adjust myself or better my playstyle to more common ways? How does you guys start off your first turns in the most ways without considering your team.

    PS: Yesterday i played vs Nonkel on Vassel and i really like that he first place 2 SDKs and later 2 again because so he had his 4 dice and if he would draw another die, it would be a purchased one. I was really happy to see this, because no one does this at my local Shop. Conclusion, i learned something new and i am happy about it.

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    Unfortunately there really is no substitute for simply playing games against a wide range of players.

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    Get on Vassal as much as you can - lots of different players to play there ...

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    but i play on vassel like i play on the table. -_- And i dont think with just playing i will become better. The more is released the more i drifting in a direction where i dont know what to play or how... .

    But i really believe there are some patterns you can do it the beginning to do something that makes a little bit sense.

    I would never give a person that starts the game the tip, use Limited wish and buy with 50% chance your highest monsters at once. It would be a suicidal prick on them like when you make a Base or Towerrush against someone in some RTS (Real Time Strategic) - Game like WC3,SC2 or C&C

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    Talk to your opponent whilst you're playing. This is much easier to do online if you also use Hangouts/Skype to chat. Most players are happy to help newer players learn to play better.

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    I don't know I am the best person to give tips in the esteemed company we both find ourselves that said I have a few things to hopefully help you out:

    Ramp control : so you've got to rolling 8 dice in a turn and you've worked out that you can buy that uber character you've got (or maybe two) but in doing so you'll leave yourself unable to preform any ramp action (thus leaving you drawing only four dice next turn as well as potentially filling your bag with sidekicks). STOP and THINK is this your best option? Will it win you the game in the next 2-3 turns (the amount of time it will take you to get your ramp back)?, will it drastically effect the way your opponent will play?, or can it wait for a better opportunity. Now I can't tell you the answer to these questions just let you know that they exist.

    ? Save them till last: when you get ? Results on your dice where possible use any other dice before using them as it keeps your options open (even if you have none it's good practice).

    Double Team: remember when blocking you can assign multiple blockers to one attacker a lot of people tend to forget that.

    Re roll dilemmas - work out a plan before your re roll and re roll what you don't need for that plan don't chase a plan that relies on you re rolling that fist into a lightning bolt.

    It's a Dice game! : dice are random sometimes it doesn't feel like that (mine mostly hate me!) but don't get disheartened when the rolls don't go your way, try not to let it put you off your game.

    A few off the top of my head.

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    Also, don't get roped in to worrying too much about playing "correctly". If you have fun, you are playing the right way. I know it is cheesy and trite, but it is also true.

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    yeah - A lot of us jump on Hang outs and just chat while playing
    It makes it easier - and closer to the table (and grab some die to fiddle with while your playing online helps to)

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    Half of the time i have fun, but i really like to create teams ,and i like it even more when they work how i was thinking. If not, i chosed the wrong game to do such stuf <.< (nahh thats just my brain thinking it, but my tummy says PIZZA!!! so most of time i hope it works, if not it is ok)

    Do i need for this hangouts a movable cam? because i only posses a Notebook so capturing my table is not possible.

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    All you need for hangouts is a mic and preferably headphones.

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    That sounds good, so i dont have to scare people with my face^^

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    Yeah, for chatting whilst playing on VASSAL a mic is the minimum requirement.

    (If you were to want to play using real dice, via Hangouts, as some of us do, then you would need an external webcam and some way to mount it with a view of your table/play-area/mat)

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    Just talk to the players. When I play, my teams are for efficiency. I dont play to rush. There's no fun when rushing a game and you cant exactly psyche your opponent out when you cut off half their options. Which is what I like to do. Take the reigns of the game and just manipulate as to what their doing.

    When you create a team, just start with the idea and build around it. If it doesnt work, as us and we can help. Keep in mind what type of build you're trying to create.

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    I dont wanna bring my enemies to madness [Yellow Box: Sure you want to do!] Oh nevermind... ^^

    Today i grasp a little bit of what it is to play against different people as on my store at my homecity.

    I played against Eric from Canada. It was a blast, a really long game, but friendly, i tested out Ultron and his Drone and did some mistakes i would have done tomorrow at the local store. Sometimes we got confused or made small mistakes but corrected us together. Was really cool and funny and i learned much. Thank you all for the comments and cheering up for it.

    ANd i would say Skype is a little bit better with the connection against hangouts but, everything else went well.

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    I sent you my info in a PM. If you want to plan on Vassal, I can. I noticed that when you message its late at night in my time and I'm open to play.

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