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Thread: Hawkeye Longbow + Starhawk Precognitive

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    Hawkeye Longbow + Starhawk Precognitive

    Starhawk - Precognitive text: Teamwatch - when you field a character who shares an affiliation with Starhawk, that character and Starhawk both get +2A this turn.

    If Starhawk is active and Hawkeye is fielded, is Hawkeye able to receive the attack buff before assigning his damage to a character?

    My initial thought is that the answer would be 'no' since the processes involved in fielding Hawkeye would have to be completed before other effects can occur. But an alternative view might be that since both effects are technically triggered simultaneously, the active player gets to choose the order of resolution.

    If the active player gets to choose, that Hawkeye is suddenly pretty darn playable. Thoughts?

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    Active player chooses resolution of "when fielded" triggers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    Hm, could be a fun way to play with some removal...
    Yeah, I recently had this combo used against me and it was brutal:

    Hawkeye is fielded, nukes one of my sturdy 5-6 D blockers (or chooses an even larger target to finish off with ping), then immediately attacks. I'm given the option of eating the 5-6 damage (ouch) or blocking him with something that will almost assuredly KO him, starting the process again next turn (ugh). Rock, meet Hard Place.

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