Hello Comic- People, collectors, readers and maybe nerds (dont know, it hink it is mixed together somehow o.O)

I have begun since last year buying some Comics over the internet , because i not so this Papercraft thing called Comic-Issue/Book. Not because i dont like scrambled pressed and overwashed (with chemicals) wood paper but i dont have so much space at my Room and so i am happy to buy them as an cbr or whatever als data they are sold.

So yesterday a guy named Eric told me about a Comicportal where you get almost every comic so far.

Something with Scientology i think and then i lost the name in my head.... *Doom my brain!!!*

Well today i discovered the website https://www.comixology.com and i wanted ask if this is the comic Webportal he told me???

Because i can buy comics from DC directly but they even have Skull Kickers. Also i just hope that the creators of the comics get the same money as if i would buy them from the major producer and seller.