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Thread: Australian Dicemasters Nationals 2015 - 18 July 2015

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    Australian Dicemasters Nationals 2015 - 18 July 2015

    Hello people,

    This is my first post, I have previously just been reading up on stuff on the site but after seeing the reports on the other National events thought people might be interested in this.

    Anyway, Australian Nationals happened on 18 July 2015 in Sydney. There were 11 contestants.

    Some general information: At the time I started (about 2 months ago)AVX and UXM are pretty much non-existent as all the FLGS were sold out or there just wasn't that much product in the market in general (the only way we could get it was probably to get it shipped from overseas and shipping is bloody expensive). The most readily available sets were Justice League, DnD and YGO. With that being said you will probably notice the lack of the usual cards you would typically see in a tournament setting.

    There will be another post about the other teams in the tournament but this post will mostly be on the winner's team.

    Format is a 3 round swiss followed by a Top 4 elimination. All matches were best of 3.

    First Place - Zack Mun

    2 Beast - Genetic Expert
    3 Ring of Magnetism - Action Attraction
    2 Human Paladin - Masters Lords Alliance
    2 Half-Dragon - Greater Humanoid
    4 Blue Dragon - Lesser Dragon
    2 Red Dragon - Epic Dragon
    3 Lord of D - Dragon Protector
    2 Elf Wizard- Greater Order Of The Gauntlet


    The actual number of dice are pretty blurry since this happened a month ago but I've got a mate getting the team list from the organizer so that will come in a different post.

    I have only played a rainbow draft before this event so I was worried about playing against Gobby and Tsarina, and not having any cards from AVX or UXM (apart from the starters). I included Beast and Human Paladin just to counter them. I did not play against anyone with a Gobby (I don't think anyone in the tournament had a Gobby, to be confirmed) hence I never purchased Human Paladin.

    As for Tsarina only one person had her in their team. Only 2 teams were running PXG. Constantine was in 2 teams (to be confirmed).

    General strategy - Get half-dragon then start getting blue dragons whilst using red dragon's global to get polymorph for cheap. Buy red dragon and poly in (blue dragon's ability would knock out all sidekicks). Breath weapon to clear board and swing for lethal.

    Round 1 - played against a full DnD team. He had a SR Mindflayer and it had captured my red dragon, poly'd out mindflayer for a smaller character and breath weapon to clear board and swing for lethal. This match played to time and I swung for lethal at the second last turn. Won 1-0

    Round 2 - played against a sidekick team that used goblin lord and mcrook for removal. Lord of D was my star in this match as it prevented mcrook from choosing my dragons. Beast was also contributing. Essentially used poly's global to spin down beast and lord of d to spin up the dragons. Breath weapon to clear board and swung for lethal. Won 2-0

    Round 3 - Played against the only team with a Tsarina. He only had 6 cards and was using Nick Fury Mr Anger. I do not recall the other cards unfortunately. Essentially only used beast to block while slowly getting the dragons out to swing for lethal. Won 2-0

    Semis - Played against a team running pxg, magic missile, the common blue eyes and the uncommon obelisk. First match I essentially spammed the red dragon global to get all the magic missiles and spammed it for game 1. Game 2 my opponent bought 2 of the missiles to prevent me from getting it. Made a mistake that allowed his blue eyes to swing me for some damage after I had declared a sidekick as a blocker (he used magic missile's global to ping the sidekick, forgot to check what energy he had in reserve) and he took game 2. Game 3 went to time, I got him down to one and his turn was the last turn, he got an obelisk out to swing for some damage but I won on life total. Won 2-1

    Final - Played against essentially a bolt team running the rare pyro and SR scarlet witch, the only team running a blue eyes - monstrous dragon. Ring of magnetism + lord of d prevented him from doing a number of his abilities. I won the first game fairly quickly through breath weapon and swinging for lethal. The second game was tougher but he was on 14 life, I poly'd out his pyro if i'm not mistaken to a scarlet witch, blue dragon's ability deals 1 to all creatures. This knocked out his side kicks. Breath weapon from blue dragon cleared the board and I swung in the exact damage for lethal. Won 2-0.

    Summary - We don't really have a local scene going when Nationals happened and I believe most of the people who played were either playing for the first time or only played with their friends (I personally had only played in a rainbow draft the week before nationals and a rainbow draft just before nationals). The lack of access to AVX definitely showed with only 1 person using Tsarina and no one used Gobby.

    As mentioned earlier there will be a different post listing the other teams once we have access to them.


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    Hey Zack - Nice to have some one representing the east coast here

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    In the semis you shouldn't have taken damage after you declare a blocker the thing that it blocks remains blocked regardless of what then happens to said blocker. Unless I'm misunderstanding something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strange Dude View Post
    In the semis you shouldn't have taken damage after you declare a blocker the thing that it blocks remains blocked regardless of what then happens to said blocker. Unless I'm misunderstanding something?
    Yeah, unless Overcrush or some other similar ability, is involved, then a blocked character remains blocked even if the blocker is removed.

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    I think you can count yourself as lucky for not having a meta-game full of tsarina's and gobby's.

    I want to bite through my fist when I rock up for some friendly games with my buddies, and each
    game my team is staring down the barrel of her gun. Well at least winning the event netted you the
    super-rare pack?

    A month before our nationals, I was scramblig to get a tsarina for my wife to play with, now we've got 3!

    Congrats on the win, it looks like you had the correct read on the meta-game. Hopefully we'll see
    eachother next year at worlds!

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    You did good Zack but I still claim you were lucky to duck me in swiss rounds =P

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