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Thread: Brimmstorm's trade list

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    Brimmstorm's trade list

    Extra stuff for trade
    The Atom: science advisor
    Joker: red hood
    Star Lord: elemental gun
    Pepper Pots: stark international
    SHIELD Agent: need to know basis
    Captain America: superhero
    Ultron Drone: swarm of destruction
    Beast: not your average pretty face
    Munk: new guardian x2
    Indigo 1: nok!
    Supergirl: last daughter of krypton
    Beast Boy: animal magnetism
    Bleeze: controlled rage
    Kilowog: Poozer
    Larfleeze: MINE!
    Superboy Prime: troublesome
    Atom: professor of physics
    Scarecrow: hallucinogenic phobias
    Jade: empowered by the star heart
    Wonder Girl: barbed lasso
    Miri Riam: capable of great love
    Mongul: ruler of warworld
    Marshmallon: bites back
    Kuriboh: explosive body
    Also if the price is right I would be interested in buying a Lantern Battery, and a Black Lantern Batman/Superman.

    WoL rares...
    Saint Walker

    WoL Super Rares:
    All but Wonder Woman, and Parallax
    Age of Ultron Super Rare:
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    I have the Cyclops, Beast, Starhawk and Wasp for sure. I am looking for the SR Captain Universe. We can try working something if you want a multiple rares for a super rare deal.

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