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Thread: Article: The Transition Zone: Testing My Team

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    Great article, nothing else to say about it!

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    Really good article, so much in there to highlight, especially paragraph 2 and 3.
    practice, practice, practice, best with many as possible different players.
    IF you play always vs. the same, even with different teams, s/he has a special, own way of playing and reacting.
    And also important, create an own team, you fealing fine and good with. Of course, look what others play cause you see what you could fight and new combos...
    if you are an impatient person, guess it is not a good idea to play a slow control team ^-^

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    I always say that the best way to improve is to lose a lot and then learn from your losses. Analyze what went wrong and what could have gone better. Ask your opponent afterwards to tell you what you could have done differently. They just got done analyzing and exploiting your weaknesses. If you ask them nicely, they will often tell you.

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    Thanks for the great comments guys, and I totally agree @MasterJedi that is another great way to learn!

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