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Thread: Giant Man: Pym Particles - reroll

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    Giant Man: Pym Particles - reroll

    Dice Masters Rules forum has clarified the following:

    camalott wrote:
    The ability text states: "When Giant Man attacks, you may reroll him. You may return him to his original face."

    I understand the timing of this, and what it means. I know that the aim is to get a second chance to get him to his Level 3 face if you didn't get him there the first time.

    However, if you were to roll him onto his (M) or (MM) face, can you return him to your Reserve Pool as usable energy for globals? Or would you have to just reset him back to his original character face?

    Sorry that it is a bit corner case, but this came up in a game I was playing and none of us knew how to rule it.

    Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Awesome question! We always like questions that are helpful for players to learn from in general.

    You could choose to leave Giant Man on his energy face. If you did so, you'd be forced to move his die out of the Field Zone and into the Reserve Pool.

    To be extra clear, when it references "his original face" it means the face he was on before rolling him from his ability, not the face he was originally fielded on.

    -The Dice Masters Rules Team
    This is an interesting use of Giant Man that I had not considered. Does this elevate the quality of this card as it can now be used for both good stats (Level 3 = 7A & 7D) and some sort of ramp?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fun4willis View Post
    Does this elevate the quality of this card as it can now be used for both good stats (Level 3 = 7A & 7D) and some sort of ramp?
    Heck yeah! More options. Noice! Thanks for the info. And I thought he was pretty neat to begin with. So you can either get higher stats or go for a Booster Goldish effect.

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    yes thats how it is supposed to be.
    The first time such element was invented is with i think Magneto - Sonderkommando
    where you can reroll a villain die as a global.

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    You could also spin him down if your opponent was using Jocasta and the Ultron/Drone global and you didn't want GM's big swing used against you.

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    Hopefully that wouldn't matter, because you saved a shield to pay for the paladin global or you brought wasp to ping Jo before combat damage.

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