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Thread: A couple Newb questions about prismatic spray

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    A couple Newb questions about prismatic spray

    Happy Friday,

    I just got into the game recently with the Marvel and DC sets and I am still very much in the learning phase. After seeing some DnD cards I branched out and bout some DnD boosters. I have opened a Prismatic Spray. I just want some clarification:

    All of your opponents characters lose all their card text until end of turn.

    The way this is worded I am guessing that this means all your opponents character cards on the board (for instance with global abilities) not just the ones that have active dice in the field?

    Is this considered an basic action card? It has the same energy symbols as one so I assume it is to be used as one of your Basic Action cards? Or is it used in the game more like a batarang or a power ring?

    Any help is truly appreciated.

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    You are correct that it wipes the text from all of your opponent's characters, including those not on the board.

    This is a Non-Basic Action card, slotting onto your board like Batarang or Power Ring. All Basic Actions will have the subtitle "Basic Action Card".

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