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Thread: How to build a team for tournaments

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    How to build a team for tournaments

    I recently got into Dice Masters and lets just say when I played for fun I did fine. When I went for a tournament I was lucky to do any damage to my opponents. It got to the point that I set a goal of just doing five damage and I would be happy.

    Is there some magic way to build your team because it just seems other players teams run so smoothly that the creators of the game built their teams for them. Right now when I build a team I use the following rules.
    1. none costs more than four energy to buy
    2. try to get some synergy between two cards (example: I used robin that gets +3A & +3D while batman is in the field)
    3. make sure to have at least one card of each energy type (fist/bolt/mask/shield)

    Other peoples teams do not seem to be built like this. I must have missed the memo that teaches you how to build your teams. Please teach me what I need to know so that I may build a better team. Of course it may just be that I am a terrible pilot.


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    I play 10 good cards. That seems like the place to start.

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    Start and end with a clear, attainable win condition. Add options for ramp so you can purchase and field the win condition. Play cards that complement your win condition or add secondary win conditions, as well as counters to whatever you know will be threats to your team. Goal-oriented team building, if you want to win, you need to build to win. That's as close to a formula as you can really get. Also, owning useful cards helps.

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    Dice Masters is a plethora of whatever you want to build. The sky's the limit in your deck.

    Professor X known as PXG, is the highest rate of ramping in this game. People only really bring that card because of his global.

    In my experience you would settle around 1 card to build a deck around. Around that 1 card, the next 7 cards are built around to help it. A solid deck comes with 4 ideas.

    Your Ramp/churn
    Control (Spot removal)
    Win condition
    And Plan B win condition in case your deck doesnt have the possibility of doing what its supposed to do.

    Build something that fits to your style. Your mentality. Personality. An example on my deck builds are around control. My deck always has some sort of control, some spot removal and my win condition. You essentially have 4 cards that you will buy and the extras are to help.

    1. A win condition is a card that will be the deciding factor on how you will win games. The sole card will be the one in the end. Or possibly in the end. Your win condition is all on your decision. The one that I've had the most success with is this guy where I burn down my opponents life very quickly. It be in 6 turns on 15 turn but its the one where its been the final decision to win with.
    There are several cards you can with with but there's the one where you built the deck around. Some of the most infamous one's would be Green Goblin "Gobby" or Wolverine "Formerly Weapon Ten". Even Black Widow "Tsarina" is still relevant to today's meta. The real power hitters. It's all decided on what card you want to win with.
    My other win conditions were Ultron Drones "1 of a million" and Purple Worm "Greater Beast" in separate decks.

    2. Now ramp is considered extra energy being able to be rolled on your next turn above the standard 4 dice. Professor X being the most powerful of all ramp cards. There are several ways to ramp. It be PXG, Resurrection, Zatana, Kobolds, Gambit or Blue Eye's white Dragon "Monstrous Dragon" All depends on your deck build really.
    Next is churn meaning what's going through your bag to get the dice you need. Kobolds are a churn and ramp option. Red Tornado uncommon is a major churn mechanic in Dice Masters. There are some globals to help your churn too (Resurrection being one of them).

    3. This one is a bit tricky so Ill put up one of my secondary decks to show you what compliments and helps my deck.

    Attachment 2573 Attachment 2574 Attachment 2575

    Now team is based around my Ultron Drones. I capture characters with a fielding cost or attempt to. What helps my drones are the kobolds (Their cheap fist energy) and Ultron himself. Ultron helps on my first capture breaking out a possible extra 3 damage or just 3 damage itself. That is my win condition.
    Now my ramp are my kobolds, Blue Eyes white dragon and PXG. I should have the possibility in running around with a lot of energy. As for my churn its through resurrection and my Kobolds.
    Next is my removal. My team doenst have the possibility of mass removal of characters but it does have one where I can snipe a character. Solomon Grundy. By using Blue Eyes, I pay 1 bolt to knock out Grundy. When I knock out Grundy I can safely remove another character without the possibility of activating their effects (Hulk being one of the most dangerous).

    Now comes my counters. I have Wasp. She's a cheap 3 cost and anytime you use a Global, I tax you for 1. Its not much in the early stage but it does hurt late in the game. Considering I'm running both Blue Eyes and PXG along with resurrection, I can subtract some life off of them. My team doenst have high attack power minus ultron's level 3 side, I can use Transfer Power to switch the offense with someone attacking me. Or even if attacking with a drone that hits for 1 and they let it pass through I can transfer power one of their characters and hit them for maybe 4 or 5. All possibility. Next is Constantine. He can possibly combo with Grundy because Constantine stops characters from attacking me when their fielded (if I call him out) wiping their and giving me a turn. I can snipe them with Grundy and create a loop keeping me safe for another round. All speculation but you get the point. Constantine stops a lot of high powered cards (Green Goblin being one of them).

    You can see how my team interacts
    I have ramp/churn
    Win Condition
    Secondary Win condition (Ultron)
    And my counters

    It's all based on how you want to play the game.

    My final piece of advice.

    Have fun. You can play perfect and still lose. I have multiple times played perfect without making a misplay but in the end its all in the roll of the dice. Dice Masters requires some luck but during the deck building segment, keep the random factor out as much as possible.

    If you have other questions, message me.

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    Blue Eyes, or enemy Hulk is damaging him, Mister Sinister global and a magic Missile global. Or Crush Card Virus.

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    Better of with Blue Eyes White Dragons Global. You pay 1 bolt opposed to knock out a character which happens to be Grundy which then allows to safely knock out a character of your choice.

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    I would love to hear an episode on this ... Going through each Slot and giving examples of what they are

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    You've gotten some good advice so far, I'm going to add my two sense.

    I've played competitive card games for almost two decades and I've always went with a formula to building a deck or as with Dice Masters a team. I suggest you look at some list of top 8 teams. Usually there is a number order and you can use that as a map. For example I play (4) 1-3 cost characters and (4) 4-7 cost characters. With in that you can decide what you need. For example you should consider things like Ramp, removal, support, and protection. Ramp is a DM term (I believe) used for speed. Low cost characters like Blck Widow, Beast, etc. are cheap and also have other functions. There are Globals that speed things up too like Professor X and Blue Eyes White Dragon that will help you pay for cost.

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    I ever so badly want to imitate that old Madden NFL sketch and go with, "Try building a team designed to reduce your opponents total to 0 as quickly as possible while at the same time preventing your opponent from lowering your total to 0."

    I'm still playing with what works for me and what doesn't My philosophy on building seems to be a bit different than everyone else's, but my experience isnt high enough to really try to talk it out quite yet. That's the best advice I can offer.

    1)Play often.
    2)Play as many different people as you can.
    3)Have Fun.
    4)Bring me pizza.

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    If you go to the article below it will give you a great way to build a competitive team. Makes it much easier to choose the cards that best fit your style of play.
    The Transition Zone: How to Build a Competitive Team

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