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Thread: Sealed Age of Ultron aka The Giant Man Show!

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    Sealed Age of Ultron aka The Giant Man Show!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This was my team from today!
    Baron Zemo x1
    Thanos x1
    Enchantress x2
    Wonderman x3
    Giant Man x3
    Wasp x1
    Beast x1
    Dare Devil x2

    Plan, buy Giant Man. Win.

    Defining Moments:

    Game 2: opponent brought Hulk Out BAC to the game. With 3 Giant Man I decided to buy all 3 of his Hulk Outs (your welcome @RJRETRO ) So yeah, it was fun to Overcrush +1 with a 7/7 Giant Man

    Game 3: got opponent down to 1 life, bought Enchantress one turn, next turn rolled Enchantress, he had 2 Avengers in the field, game over. Not a bad finisher!

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    Yeah man, I got there right as they were about to start and only had about 5 minutes to put a team together. Great times!

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