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Thread: Learning to build a team

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    Learning to build a team

    I am looking for help to learn how to build a team for Dice Masters. When I asked I got the following information: "First start with a win condition. Add options for ramp so you can purchase and field the win condition. Play cards that complement your win condition or add secondary win conditions, as well as counters to whatever you know will be threats to your team.

    Now I don't want to be rude but I am not sure what that means. Can I get some examples of how you built your deck and your thoughts as to why?

    1. For me a win condition is get my opponent to zero health, pretty sure all cards can do that. Obviously I don't understand this step.

    2. Next is add options for ramp. I am not sure but I think ramp means rolling more than four dice on your turn. PXG is the only way I know of doing this. Are there other ways/better ways?

    3. Play cards that complement your win condition or add secondary win conditions. How does one go about doing this? Examples please?

    4. Add counters to cards that create threats to my team. Pretty sure most cards will create a threat to your team. Please explain - again examples.

    Now I am not being a jerk/troll/etc. I am just trying to understand this game that I just started playing and really need the help.

    Thanks for helping,

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    1. Well for example you want to use a Character that does damage when he goes unblocked deal His attack doubled?
    That is a win Condition and the Character for that would be Wolverine - Formerly Weapon Ten

    So look what cards could deal the damage, with combos from other cards or effects like Overcrush. But that be for later.

    So if you like a card that has potential to deal the damage you want. Take it and then start building around.

    2. I would say "other ways" but not better ones.

    PXG from UXM
    Beast - Mutant #666 draws 1 or on * 2 dice and puts 1 in the prep if he blocks, AVX
    Gambit draws when fielded 1 or 2 dice and rolls one. AVX
    Zatanna draws one and put the die in the prep area DC JL
    Red Tornado let you draw 4 new dice if you draw 3 or more sidekicks your turn. DC JL
    Swarm- Abiltiy from D&D, Kobolds, they cost 1 and have swarm, which means when a swarm character is active and you draw in your clear & draw step the same die you draw another one. Same goes for stirge and Orc Fighter.

    Resurrection and Villainious pact let you draw 1 die and put it in your prep area. BAC D&D & DC JL

    There are plenty more.

    3. Here a great example. You play Nick Fury - Patch, while active your avenger that dealing direct damage to your opponent deal double damage. Put Iron and War Machine inside. Iron Man is an Avenger and good blocker. He benefits from Fury Patch. And Warmachine , while Iron man is active can go through unblocked and deal at least his damage too while you have a wall of characters to defend you. That is your secend Wincondition if you want.

    Or you play Wolverine - THe best there is, he doubles his damage when blocked to the blocker. Give him Overcrush with a action card and you deal damage to your opponent.

    4. Well you cannot counter everything but i will look at Human Paladin - Lesser Emerald:
    While active your characters on the field cannot be targeted by opposing global abilities. And he has a global: Pay a shield, reduce ability damage that you take, to 1.

    So that means if you would take Relentless and Transfer Power with you because of the globals. You can use them and your enemy not while Human paladin is on the field.

    Also his global is a good counter against "when fielded" effects that deal damage like Green Goblin - Gobby: When fielded, Green Goblin deals 1 damage to your opponent for each Sidekick in the field (count your Sidekicks only).

    greetings Tom

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    Dice Masters is a plethora of whatever you want to build. The sky's the limit in your deck.

    Professor X known as PXG, is the highest rate of ramping in this game. People only really bring that card because of his global.

    In my experience you would settle around 1 card to build a deck around. Around that 1 card, the next 7 cards are built around to help it. A solid deck comes with 4 ideas.

    Your Ramp/churn
    Control (Spot removal)
    Win condition
    And Plan B win condition in case your deck doesnt have the possibility of doing what its supposed to do.

    Build something that fits to your style. Your mentality. Personality. An example on my deck builds are around control. My deck always has some sort of control, some spot removal and my win condition. You essentially have 4 cards that you will buy and the extras are to help.

    1. A win condition is a card that will be the deciding factor on how you will win games. The sole card will be the one in the end. Or possibly in the end. Your win condition is all on your decision. The one that I've had the most success with is this guy where I burn down my opponents life very quickly. It be in 6 turns on 15 turn but its the one where its been the final decision to win with.
    There are several cards you can with with but there's the one where you built the deck around. Some of the most infamous one's would be Green Goblin "Gobby" or Wolverine "Formerly Weapon Ten". Even Black Widow "Tsarina" is still relevant to today's meta. The real power hitters. It's all decided on what card you want to win with.
    My other win conditions were Ultron Drones "1 of a million" and Purple Worm "Greater Beast" in separate decks.

    2. Now ramp is considered extra energy being able to be rolled on your next turn above the standard 4 dice. Professor X being the most powerful of all ramp cards. There are several ways to ramp. It be PXG, Resurrection, Zatana, Kobolds, Gambit or Blue Eye's white Dragon "Monstrous Dragon" All depends on your deck build really.
    Next is churn meaning what's going through your bag to get the dice you need. Kobolds are a churn and ramp option. Red Tornado uncommon is a major churn mechanic in Dice Masters. There are some globals to help your churn too (Resurrection being one of them).

    3. This one is a bit tricky so Ill put up one of my secondary decks to show you what compliments and helps my deck.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	70.jpg 
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ID:	2573 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Wasp-Founding-Avenger.jpg 
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Name:	Ultron Drone - One of a Million.jpg 
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    Now team is based around my Ultron Drones. I capture characters with a fielding cost or attempt to. What helps my drones are the kobolds (Their cheap fist energy) and Ultron himself. Ultron helps on my first capture breaking out a possible extra 3 damage or just 3 damage itself. That is my win condition.
    Now my ramp are my kobolds, Blue Eyes white dragon and PXG. I should have the possibility in running around with a lot of energy. As for my churn its through resurrection and my Kobolds.
    Next is my removal. My team doenst have the possibility of mass removal of characters but it does have one where I can snipe a character. Solomon Grundy. By using Blue Eyes, I pay 1 bolt to knock out Grundy. When I knock out Grundy I can safely remove another character without the possibility of activating their effects (Hulk being one of the most dangerous).

    Now comes my counters. I have Wasp. She's a cheap 3 cost and anytime you use a Global, I tax you for 1. Its not much in the early stage but it does hurt late in the game. Considering I'm running both Blue Eyes and PXG along with resurrection, I can subtract some life off of them. My team doenst have high attack power minus ultron's level 3 side, I can use Transfer Power to switch the offense with someone attacking me. Or even if attacking with a drone that hits for 1 and they let it pass through I can transfer power one of their characters and hit them for maybe 4 or 5. All possibility. Next is Constantine. He can possibly combo with Grundy because Constantine stops characters from attacking me when their fielded (if I call him out) wiping their and giving me a turn. I can snipe them with Grundy and create a loop keeping me safe for another round. All speculation but you get the point. Constantine stops a lot of high powered cards (Green Goblin being one of them).

    You can see how my team interacts
    I have ramp/churn
    Win Condition
    Secondary Win condition (Ultron)
    And my counters

    It's all based on how you want to play the game.

    My final piece of advice.

    Have fun. You can play perfect and still lose. I have multiple times played perfect without making a misplay but in the end its all in the roll of the dice. Dice Masters requires some luck but during the deck building segment, keep the random factor out as much as possible.

    If you have other questions, message me.

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    I'm trying not to give super specific examples to newer players because I always feel like I'm telling them exactly how to play the game, as if other strategies and playstyles don't exist. I guess I should apologize because my response may have been a little too vague. To make up for it, I'll try and answer everything specifically. Here is an example of a pretty basic, tried and tested constructed team that I used to success at my last weekly constructed event. I'll try and break everything down as best as I can. (Maybe I can cheat and use this as a basic guide to teambuilding on my blog so I don't have to worry as much about my usual entry not being on time. Warehouse jobs are taxing on your body and mind, and are only for those who are hard as nails)

    I know it's a loooooong post to take in, but I did it for you.

    Name:  101699.jpg
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    We'll start with the win conditions. These are the specific cards that will be winning you the game (doing all 20 damage). This team has 3 cards capable of doing so.

    The first is Black Widow: Tsarina. Yes, she's expensive (monetarily), but there's a good reason for that. Since AVX she has been ending games with little to no effort required, being capable of dishing out up to 4-5 damage PER attacking black widow die. That's a 2 cost character that can consistently deal a lot of damage, even on her lowest face. She has a few purposes. First, she provides access to double fist energy, making the Hulk: Green Goliath easier to purchase later on if you need to, while also creating a loop (double fist energy tsarina just so happens to be exactly enough to buy another tsarina). Second, she provides support to your Hulk (ill get to him in a second) when you need to use him as your primary win condition. Third, buying up 4 of her and rushing an opponent attempting to use a much slower, more energy intensive team is a very effective strategy.

    The second is the aforementioned Hulk: Green Goliath. Almost undeniably the most powerful, craziest beatstick in the entire metagame, capable of wiping out entire teams before even hitting the attack step. He exist for a few reasons. Whenever he or you, the player, takes ANY kind of damage, he is going to swing back at all opposing characters for 2, oftentimes 3 damage. Global abilities like magic missile or slifer the sky dragon make it incredibly easy to abuse. He also acts as a deterrent, forcing your opponent to think a little more before attacking you, as he can block and wipe out the remaining field, or you can take the damage directly and wipe out the remaining field. Second, he hits for 6 damage on level 1, and up to 8 damage on level 3. That's a huge amount of power that your opponent will not want to take directly. He is offense and defense, aggro and control, at the same time.

    The third and often overlooked card, is Nova: The Human Rocket. Whenever he takes damage in the attack step, he deals 2 damage to your opponent. This is a direct burn card, very straightforward. He has monstrous stats on his level 3 face for a 5 cost, but his high defense can be what counts. Cards like magic missile allow you to pay a bolt to deal 1 damage to a character. Since you can use globals during the attack step, you could declare an attack with nova, wait for blockers to be assigned and then:

    - Use saved bolt energy to hit nova multiple times, dealing up to 14 damage if you were to knock him out, or 12 damage if he is left at 1 defense point.

    - Do the same thing with a bigger bang is he is unblocked, allowing for a potential 19 damage from 1 character.

    - Do the same thing as the first option, but leave some health for him to survive the hit from his blocker (which will again, deal 2 damage)

    So we now know the point of 3 characters and 1 basic action. What's polymorph doing up there? It's what allows the team to multitask. by swapping a sidekick or other character from your field, you can bring in any character from your used pile, even one purchased on that turn. This is what makes Nova and hulk so deadly. Is your opponent playing a team that will wall up a lot? Did you go second? Did he bring burn countermeasures? Maybe you want to bring in a hulk and stare him down. Did you go first and he left you wide open? Polymorph in a nova, and hit for some extreme damage on turn 3 or 4, depending on the situation. Conveniently, polymorph brings hulk in at level 1, giving you immediate access to his burst face. It also provides you with a global allowing you to pay a mask to spin down a character, such as black widow, to spin another character up, like nova, increasing the amount of damage he can give and take. It also allows you to spin you hulk down to level 2 or 1, giving you access to his burst face no matter what character face he is spun down to. THAT is real synergy between cards.


    Now we come down to ramp. Ramp is a technical term that describes the amount of dice you are rolling every turn and how quickly you can increase your total energy stocks per turn. Wifey, here on the reserve pool, wrote a good article detailing these crazy acronyms for beginners. I'll leave that right here. Ramp is very closely related to, but not the same as churn. Both are very important, and I highly recommend reading that article if you are unsure about any lingo you may see around here on the site. This team uses 2 cards to facilitate ramp:

    Professor x: Recruiting young mutants, who for the low cost of 1 mask can give you a convenient 2 for 1 on your initial investment, prepping 2 sidekick dice for next turn. This team doesn't need any mask characters, because pxg is mostly important on turns 1 and 2 for this team's pilot, and characters will be unavailable at that time anyways. He will, very quickly, give you the amount of advantage you need to out speed your opponent. If, and this is a big if, you ever feel compelled to purchase him for some insane reason, he can provide some extra dice upon being fielded, and sits very comfortably on level 3 with 9 defense.

    And Blue-eyes White Dragon: Monstrous Dragon. The titular dragon from Yugioh, the IP that everyone everywhere loves and will never, ever complain about, nor will anyone furiously rush to their keyboards to type a 30 page word document about "why yugimonz suxorz lel". Anyways, he is a fixer for those pesky sidekicks that crop up early game when you are buying characters, provides a decent net 1 energy discount in exchange for the life of a die, and provides you with 1 character in the prep area per bolt spent as extra ramp for next turn.

    There are other forms of ramp, these are just the 2 that I felt were most appropriate for the team. You can also consider cards like Resurrection, Villainous Pact, Zatanna, Beast, Silver Surfer and kobolds, just to name a few of the possibilities.

    Compliments and Counters

    The first and most important card used to compliment this team is Iceman: Too cool for words. He has a global ability allowing you to pay a bolt energy and turn as many sidekick dice on your field or in your reserve pool to their bolt energy sides (fielded sidekicks turned into energy are moved into the reserve pool). This does so many things for this team. It provides you with plenty of bolt energy for the magic missile global. You can then ping away small, weenie characters by hitting them directly, hit your hulk to wipe a board, or use them to attack with Nova and win the game. Stragely, it also does something very special that few people I see talk about this card ever touch upon. It can provide you with a sort of ramp, that isn't real ramp. It isn't churn either. Basically, if you are getting unlucky and are rolling tons of sidekicks, iceman will allow you to use your field as a parking spot for potential energy, and reclaim the sidekicks as plenty of bolt energy a few turns later. For something with such a simple global, iceman has a ton of depth to him.

    Next is Constatine: Hellblazer. I would define this team as being a standard aggro/control team, which is weird because it's actually a lot of fun to play. Anyways, it can play both sides very easily. If you are worried about something specific your opponent could hit you with, or you know their win condition depends on "when fielded" effects, definitely consider picking one up during the first few turns. He can buy you the time you need to solidify your game plan, whether you go first or second. It combos well with cards like Hulk: Green Goliath since you can get rid of character teext on nasty characters like Gobby, then use hulk to wipe them all out once priority is passed, only to repeat the process the next turn (if they get a next turn).

    Finally, is Wasp: Founding avenger. This card is great. First, it is inexpensive to purchase at a 3 cost, and it provides a very powerful control effect that is great in combination with Hulk and Constantine. Your opponent having to choose between taking damage or sacrificing global usage is a nightmare scenario when you are playing against a team capable of doing insane amount of damage incredibly quickly. It puts your opponent in a tough spot, and deters them from using your own Professor X, helping to mitigate the risks of playing him as a primary ramp source. Finally, it's global is special. For any 2 energy, it can deal 1 damage to any character or player. Somehow don't have the necessary bolts to hit hulk/nova with? Wasp can get it. Need to ping an opponent to death next turn after a successful 19 damage shot from Nova? Wasp has your back. Again, the definition of synergy. Low cost, fits in well, and provides additional utility in a variety of applications.

    There we go. I hope this covers what I meant by my previous statements and explains the basics of building a team with every card in mind, so that none of your 10 go to waste. It's a very small number to work with, so you want maximum value from those 10 cards to be successful. To properly answer your initial question, there is no formula to making something the best, or work every time. Is this the best team? No, of course not. Did I think about it a lot? Yes. Is the team that won worlds the best team? Contrary to popular belief, no. Did Dean put a lot of thought into it? Of course. The point is, there is no such thing as a formula for masking something the best, or 100% effective, because there will always be another team out there that can beat whatever you make. The pilot is what counts. You have to play well, and optimize for efficiency and consistency in your game plan, and be ready to deal with uncertainty and previously unknown scenarios. The best advice I can truly give is to take some time before while building a team, and think seriously about it. Try and look for new combos or synergies, improve your knowledge of the cardpool, and play as much as you can against as many people as you can, and learn from both losses and victories.

    And of course, pierce the heavens with your drill.

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    Also forgot to mention

    With Nova, you do not need to attack with him. As the card says "in the attack stage" you can just declare an attacker and bolt Nova to almost death and do a significant amount of damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VastSpartan View Post
    Also forgot to mention

    With Nova, you do not need to attack with him. As the card says "in the attack stage" you can just declare an attacker and bolt Nova to almost death and do a significant amount of damage.
    Even bolting him to death is ok, because the last point of damage will still trigger his effect. Attacking is usually the simpler way to do it though, since it forces your opponent to make a choice, and you can always knock out nova if you are unhappy with that choice. Blue-eyes is especially versatile.

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    My main deck doesnt have blue eye's. I instead have morping jars because it helps for my distraction and PXG ramp.

    How would you use blue eyes for Nova? I keep my Nova to almost near death. If there's a chance to win the game Ill happily knock him out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VastSpartan View Post
    My main deck doesnt have blue eye's. I instead have morping jars because it helps for my distraction and PXG ramp.

    How would you use blue eyes for Nova? I keep my Nova to almost near death. If there's a chance to win the game Ill happily knock him out.
    It's an available option for certain scenarios. If he is blocked by a character that you do not want to knock out, let's say a gobby, you can spend a bolt after blockers are declared for the bewd global to knock out nova if you feel you need to. His 7/7 side is quite beefy, and you might not always have the 7 bolts required to KO him. Not the most useful tactic overall, but it is an option that is available to you.

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    That's the problem. I rarely ever attack with him. I have someone else attack, it be a pawn or anything really and then I ping Nova enough where I keep him alive enough and possibly distract back with what I dont want to die. Then my wasp is sitting there waiting if they want to Magic missile him one more time to KO taking 3 extra damage (Nova + Wasp). Gobby isnt a problem when I have Constantine out. Also I have distraction. If they want to Blue Eyes, go right ahead. Just means I'm taking more of your life away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ressless View Post
    4. Well you cannot counter everything but i will look at Human Paladin - Lesser Emerald:
    While active your characters on the field cannot be targeted by opposing global abilities. And he has a global: Pay a shield, reduce ability damage that you take, to 1.
    Just a slight correction here (which is kind of important) Your Characters can be the target of global abilities, but are not effected by said globals. (The reason this is important, is because in things like regonials and nationals - It is considered a waste of energy, So the global is still used, but nothing happens, unlike if you can target a legal target where it just can not be played - References - )

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    While active, your characters in the field cannot be affected by global abilities used by your opponent.

    Affected, not targeted.

    At my locals if they do target one of my characters for globals I just tell them and they take the energy back. Should I say no you cant?

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    I can see tactical reasons for using globals on those protected by Paladin and his ilk, that being of getting rid of useless energy so it can be pxg'd instead of it fizzling at the start of your turn and sitting unused in your used pile.

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    That would be nice for them but I'm running Wasp now, before it was Jinzo. PXG all you want, just means Ill kill you faster. I run PXG on all my teams but Baby Jinzo comes with it. Ill tax you to death.

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    There are of course counters to everything, I was merely pointing out a possible reason for using energy on a global that would have no effect.

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    I rather keep my useless energy sitting. There's no point in spending all your energy in one go. It keeps your options open.

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